You’ve lost the weight…now the hard work really starts

Ok, so you’re down to your goal
weight.  Now, the next and most difficult step is maintaining it.  A
diet is a temporary and goal defined mission; maintaining your weight is an
infinite life style.

Researchers have found that there
are three main ways that help keep the pounds off.

  1. Remind yourself why you need to control your weight
  2. Reward yourself for sticking to a diet and exercise
  3. Regularly exercise with a combination of cardio and
    weight lifting

Planning meals ahead of time is
extremely important to your success with keeping your goal weight. If you’ve
had weight-loss success, you know how important this task is. If you are not
home, do not skip meals or snack from a vending machine. Plan your meals based
on where you’ll be that day.

If traveling, make sure you know
which restaurants have healthy options or pack a cooler so you have what you
need.  Keep it balanced with protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Eat small portions of 6 or 7 meals a
day.  This also maintains blood sugar levels, which curbs hunger and keeps
your metabolism working efficiently.

Reward your efforts when worthy.
Staying healthy takes focus and discipline, but should not be stressful.
Sometimes you just want that scoop of ice cream or piece of cake, right? As
long as you are happy with your progress, go for it. And most importantly,
understand the value of moderation.

Schedule time just for yourself
several days every week. Unless you block off time on your calendar just for
you throughout the week, you may find yourself struggling to find time for
exercise. Workouts should be as much of a routine as your lunch break.

Three weekly strength training and
two to three cardio sessions will help maintain your muscle while burning fat
and keep you healthy.

Surround yourself with healthy
people. If anyone is pulling you down and off track, get them involved in their
own health and nutrition. Get out and meet people who have healthy
interests. Perhaps join a fitness blog. This will support positive choices
and you will get results.

Know what your body can tolerate
without sabotaging your efforts. So enjoy your new body while understanding
what it takes to keep it.

Good luck in your new lifestyle…

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


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