What Is Dry Shampoo and Does It Work?

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo may seem like a strange concept—we are so used to wetting and washing our hair with traditional shampoo and conditioner. But dry shampoo is another type of shampoo that does not require the use of water, is easier, less damaging, and arguably “healthier” for your hair. Find out if dry shampoo is right for you!

What Is Dry Shampoo?

Today, there are many variations and brands of dry shampoo products that contain starches, clays, and vegetable powders. They come in three forms: powder, liquid, and spray. Dry shampoo is applied at the roots to combat built up grease in your hair, and to give a more “natural” form of cleansing.

Dry Shampoo Around The World

Dry shampoo isn’t a new thing. In 18th century France, elegant and royal ladies would powder their hair. For the past couple centuries, women in Asia also adopted the idea by sprinkling clay in their hair. In 1918, the American Journal of Pharmacy noted rice flour would clean the hair when sprinkled and brushed off the hair.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

• It saves time. If you’re in a hurry but have a bad case of bed head or bad hair, dry shampoo can work wonders as a touch up.

• Wet shampooing your hair too often is damaging. It is recommended to wet shampoo the hair once or twice a week, and use dry shampoo in between to hold you over.

• It contains less harmful chemicals than wet shampoo.

• It’s perfect if you want to lengthen the life of your perfectly styled hair. Keep those curls and volume another day or two!

• It is a perfect option when water isn’t easily available, such as when camping.

• It works very well for those with fine or damaged hair. It gives hair volume, is nourishing, and does not weigh hair down.

• It is an inexpensive home remedy. Most recipes contain common kitchen ingredients like cornstarch.

Ten Best Dry Shampoos

Batiste: Featured in nine different scents to fit your personality, some even have sparkle—To top it off, it only costs $7.99

Oscar Blandi: Comes in many variations, smells amazing and is all around fabulous

Pssssst: The original dry shampoo that’s been around for years

Klorane: Extra gentle for a light and refreshing feeling

Oribe: Very luxurious texturizing spray that leaves hair feeling beachy with hints of amber and coconut

Rene Furterer: Helps amp up your volume

Philip B: The famous Russian Amber Imperial Line is divine

Drybar: No white residue, smells wonderful, and adds lift

Aveeno: The best drugstore brand is sulfate-free with seaweed

Got2B: No powdery finish with great volume

The Bottom Line

Dry shampoo works as a healthy hair quick fix! Although, it can only help your oily hair for a short time, it miraculously absorbs extra oils when you need a touch-up. If you have really dirty hair, don’t think dry shampoo can completely clean the dirt, sweat, and grime. For that, wet shampoo is best. But it does serve as a quick solution to help your hair last longer between wet shampoos. Wet shampoo gets the job done. But dry shampoo makes hair healthier in-between washings. Try dry shampoo and see how you like it. You never know, you may be surprised! It can work in mysterious ways!