Weight Loss Secrets From Women Who Lost Weight

Losing weight always mystifies those who have actually worked hard to lose weight but couldn’t gain much success. A number of theories surround the weight loss process as to what works and what doesn’t. Here, in this blog post, we are presenting some of the tips from women who took the arduous path of losing weight and gained success on it.

Weight Loss Secrets from Women Who Lost Weight

Checkout these tips, may be some of them might truly help you in gaining the desired results.

  1. Take baby steps: By this, I mean start small. If you are not exercising and just decided to move your butt, then go for small workout sessions. For instance, start with a 10 minute walking session rather than directly doing for a 45 minute one. Gradually, you can increase the number of minutes by five every week.

  2. Don’t be discouraged when your weight remains constant: There will be times when you will reach a weight loss plateau and feel that your weight loss efforts are not yielding any results. It didn’t take time for you to grab the pie but it will take time to move that pie off your body.

  3. Start with one small change: If you have been leading an unhealthy lifestyle, then don’t introduce drastic changes even if it is your diet. If you are consuming lot of carbonated drinks and unhealthy junk food, then first go with replacing drinks with plain water. Once you implement this for a week, replace the white bread in your sandwich with brown whole-wheat bread. Don’t introduce all changes at a time as this might make you feel overwhelmed.

  4. Go for healthier versions: It is not important to eliminate an unhealthy food item totally from your diet. You can always go for healthier versions. Instead of white bread burger, go for a wheat burger which is filled with veggies.

  5. Get prepared for heavy meals: If you are going out in a party or going to have a heavy meal in the evening then prepare in advance by having light meals throughout the day. Have a salad for lunch and fruits for breakfast.

  6. Stuff yourself with salads: Before taking lunch always have plates full of salad. This will leave very less space for having other food and you will end up eating less of calorific foods. It will also make you feel full for longer time.

  7. Don’t stock unhealthy and tempting foods: Biscuits and cookies are a strict no-no for anyone who wishes to lose weight. If you stock them then you will surely reach them when you want to have some comfort foods. Indulging only when you go out will help you limit the quantity.

  8. Be active even on rest days: If you have decided to work out for five days of a week, then the remaining days go for dance class or aerobics. You can also climb stairs or go for a walk in the park. In this way, you can be active throughout the week.


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