Weight loss Nutrition

Many times carrying out too much weight makes us feel uncomfortable, and even it is not advisable as being overweight could damage your health in several ways. According to several important researches, the obesity rate is increasing on the daily basis. Now if you are having BMI (body mass index) more than 30, then you are considered to be obese.

Obesity basically, leads to numerous severe health issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, back pain, stroke and some types of cancer. Henceforth staying healthy is much more than a need.

Weight loss Nutrition: Have a look at the big picture!

I am sure you must have come across several body building, health/fitness related topics, but here you need to step back and look at the big picture of choosing a weight loss program. Like any other program, even weight loss involves certain guidelines, rules of thumb, ways of viewing things in a certain way. However you may not like them all, but don’t be under an illusion that there is no another fix. Of course, there is! Now have you wondered why most of the weight loss nutrition programs fail? Yes most of us losing weight will regain it soon and sometimes even exceed and it’s because of the lack of compliance. You need to be firm!

“Keep going you are getting there”

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There is a difference between fat loss and weight loss nutrition

Many of you do not understand the true difference between changes in fat, muscle, and water, hence end up calling it a weight loss plan. Of course, the goal remains the same, to lose maximum fat and keep muscles and water retention at the minimum. Now the moment you step up on the weighing scale and find a pound lighter than a week before, you assume that you have lost on fat, which is not true!

Weight gain or loss can happen to all pretty easily, I mean if you eat more and more sodium and carbs with little water, you can easily gain 3-5 pounds a day while on the other hand if you eat less sodium and carbs and drink plenty of water, you may lead to adequate amount of weight loss giving a more defined look.

Weight loss Nutrition

Certain weight loss nutrition facts to consider

Identify what you really want– Why I am saying this is because many of you seeking weight loss nutrition program aren’t really interested in losing weight. In fact, most of the people want to eat whatever they want to with effective results which is next to impossible.

It’s the matter of Commitment
– The moment you decide to lose weight, make sure to stick to it. From intense workout to proper diet, vitamins like Bella VI, you need to plan and work accordingly until the time you reach your goal and even after that!

So this is it for now! Keep an eye on the space to know more about weight loss nutrition programs.