We All Need Calcium

Calcium benefits both men and women. If you don’t get enough calcium from dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables or fortified foods, calcium supplements may help you meet your needs.  Some foods that have high calcium include cheese, ice cream, leafy green vegetables, low fat milk, salmon, sardines, tofu and yogurt.

Calcium and phosphate are 2 minerals that are essential for normal formation growth. During childhood, our bodies use these minerals to produce strong bones.  And if you do not get or absorb enough calcium, bone production and bone tissues may suffer.

When we get older, calcium and phosphate is absorbed back into the body, which makes the bone tissue weaker.  Bone mineral peaks between the ages of 25 and 35 but then begins to decrease after that which can cause brittle and fragile bones prone to fracture.

Follow a diet that has the right amount of calcium, vitamin D and protein. This will not guarantee to completely stop bone loss but it will supply the materials the body uses to form and maintain our bones.

There is strong evidence that calcium helps build dense bones and prevent osteoporosis.  You should discuss this with your doctor as your doctor may recommend a supplement to give you the calcium and vitamin D you need.  It is also important to know that calcium supplements can interfere with some prescription medications, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking them.