Top Weight loss Myths Busted

Weight loss tops the list when we have a look at people’s New Year resolutions. Almost everyone is not happy with their body. This fad of eating out, having heavy meals, eating empty calories through junk food, has increased the percentage of people suffering from obesity. Obesity leads to a number of problems including inconvenience in carrying out daily tasks, lack of flexibility, invitation to number of body pains due to increased exertion, lack of energy, and many more. The problems faced by overweight and obese people urge them to look for weight loss solutions which work as fast as possible. In this race to lose weight, they often fall into trap of fast dieting and a number of other things which promise us weight loss but actually can cause more damage than good.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Now, let us look at some of the weight loss myths and the reality behind them.

Myth #1: Weight Loss is a continuous process:

Reality: Water weight keeps body weight fluctuating

The process of weight loss is not a linear one. During the process, there might be days when you might lose and on other days you might gain few pounds. Fluctuation of body weight is normal. At times you might be carrying food in your digestive system prior to checking your weight or at times your body is holding more water than usual. In women, menstrual cycles add to the water weight. The general trend should be downwards to ensure that you are succeeding in your weight loss goals.

Myth#2: Avoid carbs to avoid fat

Reality: Low-card diets actually help lose weight.

Weight loss nutrition experts have suggested that low-carb diets can actually help you lose weight. Carbs should not be completely avoided. They can be kept low while protein intake should be increased to help the process of weight loss. Go for whole carb-based foods, which are considered very healthy. Refined carbs such as refined grains and sugar are definitely a no-no.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Myth#3: Breakfast boosts metabolism

Reality: Having or not having breakfast, doesn’ really affect your weight.

Recently, it was proved through controlled trials that breakfast doesn’t really impact your weight loss efforts. If people who have breakfast are able to lose weight, it is because they are leading a healthy and active lifestyle in general terms. The key is to go by what your stomach says. Eat when you feel hungry, stop when you are full. Only eat breakfast if you feel hungry at that time of the day.

Myth #4: Say No to processed grains

Reality: Fortified processed grains can give the needed vitamin-B

It’s true that whole grains come loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. However, this doesn’t mean you totally ditch processed grains. According to weight loss nutrition experts, it is important to feed your body with refined grains when it is recovering from intestinal bug. They say that some processed grains are powered with folic acid. Fortified processed grains can add to your nutrition goals.


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