How Do I Start a Fitness Routine

Being fit is an essential part of living. Losing weight needs arduous mental as well as physical efforts. It involves not a month but months of hard work and determination. However, once you have achieved your weight loss goals it becomes easy to fall into a trap of lethargy and complacency towards your body. You once again start eating junk food and indulge in mindless eating. You once again take those elevators and relax on the couch instead of walking a few steps while watching your favorite TV show. This is vicious cycle. You set weight loss goals, lose weight, gain weight, and then again you are back to pavilion to set weight loss targets. To avoid this vicious cycle you need to set a fitness routine which helps you maintain your ideal weight. Having a fitness schedule into your routine also ensures that you remain fit, flexible, energetic, and lively.

Starting a fitness program might seem daunting in the beginning but as you proceed you will get addicted to it as it will lead to a healthy life. However, many find that they are not able to find anyway to follow a fitness routine. For all those who need guidance, this blog post is a must-read. I am sure you will also suggest these tips to your near and dear ones.

Assess your fitness level and set up goals:

The first step is to get an idea about your current fitness level. This will give you an idea about whether you need to target weight loss or focus on muscular fitness and flexibility. Your waist circumference and BMI are other points to be considered.

Once you have gained an idea about your present fitness level, you need to set up your fitness goals. For instance, increasing the number of push-ups or sit-ups you are able to do.

Design a fitness program:

In this step, you need to design a fitness program which helps you achieve your goals. Design a clear schedule which defines number of minutes of walking, running, or aerobics. You need to set practical goals and then increase them gradually once the activity is imbibed into your routine.

Start gradually:

It is always challenging to take out time for exercising; be it waking up early or be it setting aside an hour for exercising in the evening while giving a halt to your routine activities. Plan to watch your favorite TV show while walking on the treadmill or reading a book on a stationary bike. Once you have built the physical activity into the routine, you will look forward to it.

Stick to the routine:

The best way to build a fitness schedule is to stick to the fitness schedule. If you have planned to begin with five minutes of walking every morning then make it sure that you practice it at least for a week. Sticking to the routine helps you include the activity into your daily life more easily.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. All these tips will only be helpful if you are determined keep your body healthy and fit.


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