Simple Ways of Losing Weight without Dieting

There has been no time when weight loss must not have been on your resolution list. Every New Year, we sit to write down a list of things to be accomplished each year. I believe that the most formidable thing, which almost everyone feels, is losing weight. How many times you have been able to put that cookie down? How many times you have been able to refuse lunch at Mac Donald’s? The toughest thing about losing weight is controlling diet. We often go for best over the counter weight loss pills but we find dieting very tough.

However, the fact is diets are not an answer if you are looking for long term weight loss. According to studies, two-thirds of the people who went on dieting ended up gaining more weight than they lost.

Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

So, friends it’s time to ditch diet and look at alternate solutions which help you in losing weight consistently.

Chew slowly:

It is a fact that whole day you are going through a number of tasks, rushing from a task to another. However, when it comes to meal times slow down. Chewing your food slowly helps you feel satiated with smaller portions. It will also leave you more satisfied. If you live a hectic lifestyle, then take five deep breaths before eating. This will slow down your nervous system.

Go for a snack in the afternoon:

Waiting too long, after lunch, to have your dinner can lead you to eat more than usual. When you wait too long it might be possible that you overeat, eat too fast, or eat anything even if it’s unhealthy. Going for a healthy afternoon snack, can bring down your hunger levels and ultimately the portion of food you have at dinner time.

Taking best over the counter weight loss pills:

Weight loss pills strengthen your weight loss efforts. They help you regulate your appetite which makes you go for smaller food portions. They make you feel full and this helps in burning more calories. They also work by augmenting your energy levels. This means that you can be at the gym for more time than usual and kill those calories. They give you the mental stamina to stick to your weight loss efforts and prevent you from over-indulging.

Focus on food quality:

They say that “Eat ingredients and not foods which are full of ingredients”. Enjoy natural and organic foods instead of eating preservative laden foods. Use fresh ingredients in your kitchen. For instance, go for fresh garlic instead of using a store-bought garlic paste.

Drink like a fish:

I meant water. Yes, you need to stay hydrated all through the day. Always keep water accessible so that you can sip it at regular intervals. Did you know that water can even bring down your stress levels? Can’t believe it? Try.

Have you tried any of these tips to control your weight? If yes, do comment below and share the tip which has worked for you.


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