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  • Lose inches
  • Decrease appearance of cellulite
  • Eliminate excess fluids & toxins
  • Tighten, Contour & Deeply Cleanse the body

Wrap kit contents:

1 jar Exfoliating Paste

1 pair Exfoliating Gloves

1 Tape Measure

1 jar Organic Clay

6 100% Cotton Bandages

1 Thermal Foil Spa Blanket

1 Hydrating Body Mist

1 directions for use

Kit comes packaged in beautiful organza bag

2 full body wraps can be completed with the above or even more, 4-7 wraps, if used as spot wraps (just treat thighs, arms, belly, hips).

Other great uses for our organic clay:

Face masks, wrinkles, enlarged pores and fine lines, foot care for dry heals, cellulite, scars and stretch marks, under-eye puffiness, blemishes, uneven skin tone, acne treatment


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