Reasons for Not Losing Weight Even After Diet and Exercise

Nobody in this world is satisfied with their body. Some want to lose weight, some want to tone their body while some are struggling to gain a few pounds, but in this busy lifestyle it’s really difficult to dedicate time and effort for the body. This negligence that we show towards our body leads to weight gain, obesity, heart problems, muscle cramps, and the list is very long.

One of the major concerns of today’s generation is weight management. There are many tips and tricks one could get regarding weight loss, but do not lose out on your judgment while experimenting with your body. Here area few reasons that we usually neglect while trying to lose weight.

Counting the calories and not the nutrients

Calories are basically the measure of energy a food is capable of providing you, but is it really a sensible choice to count the calories and check the nutrients? Of course not, counting calories is vague, it’s better to keep a check that the body gets enough nutrients per day so that it can function properly. A samosa has 500kcals and so does a whole meal prepared at home. So what do you think,what’s going to be healthier? The answer is definitely clear and so should your judgment be when it comes to food.

Expecting overnight results

After running on a treadmill for an hour we definitely feel like weighing ourselves and get really disappointed when we don’t see results. Think about it like this, the weight that has been accumulated in your body took years or months of bad eating habits then how can it all vanish just in a week or a month. Weight loss is a slow process so it’s better to be patient and motivated.

Crash diets

To get faster results people tend to have an inclination towards starving them, but this doesn’t help you in long term because you cannot sustain such diets for a long time. The logic on which the crash diets work is that they make you lose the water weight your body has. So, technically you are not losing out any inches, it’s just the water in the body that you lose.

Losing control on cheat days

Having what you like once in a while is a good habit but hogging on what you like would definitely put you in trouble. There is no point of restricting yourself to the levels where once you are exposed to food you hog on it in a manner as if you have never eaten anything. This habit damages your metabolism and metabolism is the key a weight loss.

There are many mistakes that one can make while trying to lose those extra pounds but what we must keep in mind is not to stress out our body and remain relaxed. There is no point in over exhausting yourself to the extent of fatigue. It’s your body and you should try to love it and care for it the way it is.



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