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Liver Cleanse

Liver Cleanse

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The liver is your largest internal organ, and it performs many functions including detoxification of the body. Liver Cleanse helps rid the liver of harmful toxins that can damage your digestive tract and can cause weight gain. By Cleansing the liver, you not only rid yourself of the toxins that are causing you to gain weight, but you also allow your body to better absorb key nutrients from food and supplements that help you lose weight.

It works by both filtering toxins directly and by altering toxins so that they can be removed at other stages of detoxification. The liver filters toxins from one quart of blood every minute. After the liver processes toxic materials and other wastes, they are sent to the kidneys and colon for elimination.

Our product is formulated with herbs, nutraceuticals, and other natural ingredients to simultaneously support, protect, stimulate, and assist with the body’s natural detoxification of the liver, as well as help protect the cells of the liver.