Prevent and Fight Cancer with Veggies

Prevent and Fight Cancer with Veggies

Follow the phrase “you are what you eat” because it couldn’t be truer! Food is more powerful than you think! Don’t forget your veggies! They are extremely valuable because they provide you with vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system, cleanse your system, and protect you from sickness and disease. Take charge of your health by incorporating smart eating into your daily life. Here’s how veggies are the best defense against cancer.

Got Veggies?
The National Cancer Institute states that diseases are directly linked to what we eat and contribute to 75% of American deaths each year. Further research suggests that 35% of cancer deaths can be prevented through nutritional healthy eating. The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends that a minimum of 2/3 of every plate should contain vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans. Unfortunately, most of society is hardly meeting half the requirements, while cancer rates continue to skyrocket.

Don’t be a Veggie-Hater
Despite the fact that veggies are some of the healthiest foods in existence, many people don’t like them. In fact, some ignore them completely or sabotage their nutritional value with added salt, butters, or sauces. Veggies can help in both short and long term and contain an array of benefits including:
• High fiber content
• Loads of antioxidants
• Natural forms of vitamins and minerals that are more absorbed in the body
• Phytochemicals that prevent against cancer

Learn to Love Veggies
Once you love veggies, they will love you back. Whatever your reasoning is for ignoring veggies, whether it may be from an old childhood dislike, or that you fall into 25% of the population that are “super tasters.” Either way, not only does loving veggies help fight against cancer, it also helps you feel better every day.

Benefits of Veggies
• Boosts your immune system
• Provides you with “natural” energy
• Provides protection against cancer and other disease

Here are our top ten tips to add more veggies into your diet:
1. Incorporate veggies into every meal
2. Add veggies to soups and salads
3. Eat veggies raw
4. Add veggies to spaghetti and pizza
5. Drink your veggies
6. Mix and match to make veggies more exciting
7. Grill your veggies
8. Season your veggies with herbs and spices
9. Add pureed veggies to baked goods
10. Mash your veggies

Go for the Green
Try these veggie-tastic dishes to keep your mouth watering for more while keeping your immune system strong to defend against sickness. There are two main types of green vegetables that have the highest nutritional benefits.

#1 Cruciferous Vegetables
• Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts
Prepare: Steam and service warm or cold as a side dish. Or include them in a stir fry or in soups.

# 2 Dark Green Vegetables
• Spinach, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, leaf lettuce
Prepare: Use to wrap favorite chicken and cheese ensembles, chiffonade and toss into pasta or pizza sauce, toss into green smoothies, eat as a side dish.

Now is the time to follow through with eating the green goods of the earth. Above all, it’s important to have a healthy and diverse diet. Remember to experiment and try alternatives. If you don’t like how veggies are served, find a style that you enjoy to make it more exciting and tasty. You never know until you try—so start crunching your way to a yummier, healthier you!