Portion Sizes



Its summertime and we want to sizzle in our swimsuits! The most influential component in keeping a great body is to maintain healthy portion sizes with every meal. Serving size does vary between every person. We all require and prefer different types of foods, so here is what you can do to stay fit for summer.

Serving Size Guidelines

It’s important that you don’t eat too much of any one thing, whether it is a healthy food or not. Control your portion sizes by following these guidelines.

• Vegetables: Vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and leafy greens should be about 1 cup, or the size of a baseball.

• Dairy: Dairy products, such as yogurt and ice cream, should be about ½ cup or 8 oz., the size of a light bulb. Cheese should be no more than 2 oz. or 3 dice.

• Grains: Grains like cereal, pasta, and popcorn should be 1 cup, the size of a baseball. One slice of bread, or a waffle should be the size of a compact disc. Chips should be no more than 1 oz., or a handful.

• Meats & Proteins: Servings of nuts should be ¼ cup, or the size of a golf ball. Beans should be about ½ cup, equivalent to a light bulb. Beef, chicken, fish, and tofu should be about 3 oz., or the shape of a deck of cards. Lunch meat should be 1 oz., the size of a compact disc.

• Fruits: Fresh fruits like berries should be about ½ cup, equivalent to a light bulb. Dried fruits should be about 1 oz., the size of a golf ball.

• Fats & Oils: Fats and oils should be no more than 1 tbsp., or a poker chip.

• Sweets: Sweets like cake, brownies, and cookies should be no bigger than 3 oz., or the size of a hockey puck.

Calorie Guidelines

Calorie intake depends on your age, gender, and how active you are. On average, a woman should have about 1,700 calories daily. A man should have about 2,600 calories daily. It’s important to have a healthy balanced diet every day.

Serving Size Tips

• Keep your eye on the prize: Eyeball your food with a deck of cards, poker chips, baseball, hockey puck, CD, light bulb, dice, and golf ball.

• Be smart and start with salad: Fill up on your greens first so you eat smaller dinner portions. Just keep the dressing to 1 tbsp.

• Have Fun: When you’re at a restaurant or on vacation, think first. Save your leftovers, opt for a few appetizers instead of a big meal, order from the kids menu, or split a meal and save money!

• Treat yourself: Loose the guilt of indulging in your favorite foods – and that includes sweets! It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, as long as it’s the right portion size.

• Don’t overeat: Never super-size! Chew slowly, and stop when you are full.

Start shrinking your portions and see your body shrink too! By eating smart and eating the right size of everything, you’ll be on your way to being beach and bikini ready! Being healthy never felt better – especially for summer!