National Oatmeal Month

Did you know that January is National Oatmeal Month?  I didn’t until yesterday when I was reading an article about healthy breakfast foods.  I wonder why January is the month that was named?  Maybe because January is smack in the middle of the winter and Oatmeal seems to warm the bones.  At least it warms my bones!  It’s comfort food for me!

I figured I’d write about it today and share what I have learned about one of the simple, basic and nutritious foods we all can eat.

During the month of January more oatmeal is consumed than any other month and according to Quaker Oats, Americans bought oatmeal last January enough to make 470 million bowls.

Not only does it warm your bones, Oatmeal is a very healthy breakfast choice.  Oats are a source of soluble and insoluble fiber which promotes heart health when eaten daily. It also benefits the digestive system and research shows that people with higher fiber diets tend to weigh less.  Oats also contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and unique antioxidants in addition of protein than other common cereals.

As a whole grain, it’s the only major grain proven to help reduce and lower cholesterol.  Whole grains may also help protect against chronic diseases such as heart and some cancers.

Equal to a meat protein, having Oatmeal for breakfast keeps the body light along with the energy that is needed for the day.

So, if you are looking for a delicious way to eat healthy, let’s get back to the basics and let’s put oatmeal back into our daily diets!