Make Room For Fitness: 5 Of The Best Workouts For Small Spaces

Do April showers have you stuck inside? That’s no excuse not to get up and get moving! It’s easy to look around and find a million reasons not to exercise, but take a look at these five space-saving workouts that will have you rethinking your poor decisions. Whether you are sick of the gym experience and prefer to workout at home, or simply live in a small apartment or dormitory, there’s a space-saving solution that can help keep your workout routine on track. Or perhaps you’re a frequent traveler who spends a significant amount of time in hotel rooms or a professional who just want to keep your physique toned while at the office, there is an answer out there that fits your square footage restrictions. Don’t give up — read on!

Best Workouts

Your Body

You don’t have to spend money on a gym membership to have access to great exercise equipment. In fact, your own body provides a personalized workout all on its own. Simple exercises like push-ups, planks and sit-ups use your own bodyweight as resistance training without needing to buy a machine. Beyond that, this type of workout only takes up the amount of space you do in your home! Easy to do in your own living room, hotel room or dorm room, bodyweight workouts are the most accessible answer to all of your space-saving workout worries.

Mini Trampoline

If you’re looking for a unique and space efficient workout, give a mini trampoline a try. Perfect for a home or dorm room, some mini trampolines, such as Urban Rebounder, come with workout videos and can be used in the comfort of your own living room. And mini trampolines with the ability to be stored in half can be easily transported to a hotel room for busy travelers on the go. Mini trampolines provide a low stress, high impact exercise option that can burn calories without a trip to the gym.

Hands-Free Elliptical

If you love the elliptical but hate the bulk of the machine, a hands-free elliptical is a great option. Exactly as it sounds, this small machine requires you to balance on the foot pedals alone, but provides the same great workout results. Because of its small size, a hands-free elliptical peddler can be placed underneath an office desk and used throughout your workday as well.


When you’re looking for a workout that tones your arms but saves you space, try picking up a kettlebell or two. Easy to store and requiring very little space to use, kettlebells can work your arms and core with the right workout regimen.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope requires very little space and delivers big on physical results. Not only does it push your heart rate up quickly, but this simple exercise also is capable of toning your entire body. Easy to do in your living room or garage, jumping rope is a fast and efficient way to keep up with exercise when confined to a smaller space.

Take the time to add these indoor workout options to your daily routine – you’ll forget all about the pollen and rain that are keeping you stuck inside this spring, and you’ll look and feel much better when you do get a chance to step out into the summer sun in a few short months!

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