How to Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Congratulations on your success in losing weight! Because if you have landed up here you might have gone the extra mile to shed those pounds and fit your body into your old clothes which you owned when you had a leaner figure. Losing weight is, sometimes, an easy process, though longer, than maintaining your weight at the ideal figure. Maintaining your weight needs you to keep a check on your food intake and practice an active lifestyle. However, I am listing some of the basic things which can help you maintain your body weight without investing too many efforts.

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Take Enough Sleep:

Sleep rejuvenates your senses and recharges your body to face another day full of activities. Seven to nine hours of quality hours each night is imperative to keep calories at bay. Good sleep also strengthens your metabolism. Good sleep keeps under-eye dark circles away. That’s why they say- Get your ‘beauty’ sleep.

Watch What You Eat:

Chew your morsels slowly and mindfully to make yourself accountable for your food habits. Don’t watch T.V while having your food. Create high-quality dishes and nutrient-dense meals which nourish not only your body but also your mind. Try including salads in your regular meal plans. If you have not much activity planned, then you might go for a salad-day on which you can just have salads.

Include Probiotic Supplements in Your Diet:

Research suggests that the gut bacteria might promote weight gain. Use high-quality probiotic supplements to feed the good gut bacteria. Good nutrition coupled with friendly bacteria can keep that weight from coming back.

Be Lenient With Yourself Occasionally:

Although it is important to be mindful of calories you are taking in, it’s okay to indulge a bit at parties. Reward yourself for being on track. For instance, you can have a dessert in evening for skipping snacks at the office party. Go by 80/20 rule by which you can indulge 20 percent in taste buds pleasing foods if you have 80 percent of healthy food.

Avoid Stress:

Don’t commit more than you can accomplish or handle. Stress is often one of the reasons which can make you gain weight. Avoid getting stressed over small things. Plan your day well-in-advance and start your day to accomplish more than you actually scheduled. Always keep meditation on your schedule to keep your mind calm. Meditation helps in cultivating patience and looking at things from a surprisingly new perspective.

Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine:

Just because you shed off pounds doesn’t mean that now you can relax a lot. Remember exercising is a life-long process and not an activity meant for a specific period. Regular exercise, including strength training, helps in building muscle which is responsible for fat burning. Don’t worry if your scale shows you a figure or two higher. You can judge your muscle gain by your lean look and the clothes you wear.

Thus, maintaining weight is a process rather than an activity meant for a specific period. It has no destination, it’s a journey.


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