It Looks Scary but It’s GREAT – TRX Training!

TRX training is a fantastic, portable form of suspension training. The system combines gravitational forces with your own bodyweight in order to perform the exercises. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of suspension training! The TRX system is compatible for both beginners to the world of fitness as well as more advanced athletes.

You can adjust the system for whatever your current level of fitness, and then follow through adjusting the levels as you continue your exercise experience. Because the TRX system utilizes basic laws of gravity no matter who uses this form of suspension training, it’s just as effective for someone just starting out with a brand new exercise regimen for the first time as well as someone who is an extreme fitness club enthusiast.

A good example to explain this point is performing a standing exercise. The degree of difficulty for this kind of exercise is based on how far you are standing from the anchor. The closer you stand to the anchor, the more difficult the exercise is to complete while taking a couple of steps away from the anchor makes it comparatively easier. On the other hand, while doing exercises from the floor you’ll find that it’s quite the opposite. Being closer to the anchor creates less resistance which makes floor exercises less difficult, while being farther away creates more resistance which makes the exercises more difficult.

The most obvious way to increase the difficulty of the TRX exercises would be to simply do one side at a time. Take turns on each arm, or between legs. And for those who need a less vigorous workout when just starting, simplify the exercises by doing them with both arms and both legs. The TRX training system is a fantastic source of strength training and exercise for stretching the muscles. The system is used by many different groups to develop strength, and to prepare for the strength they will need in situations in which they may be suspended in air. The before mentioned different groups also used the system in many different groups.

  • All four branches of the military use TRX Training.
  • The NFL, MLB, UFC, NHL, and the NBA use the training system.
  • Used in numerous gyms across the globe.
  • Trainers use the training system with their clients.
  • There are many classes offered at gyms that use the TRX Training System.

Needless to say, the TRX Training System is the ultimate real deal. You have the opportunity to use the same exact training system that the military as well as multiple professional sports leagues use, all in the comfort of your home or at a gym if you prefer. The TRX system helps you see and feel your progress as you go. Your exercise will suddenly become easier and as you continue to increase the resistance, the results will also start to show.