How to Lose that Muffin Top

We all know what the dreaded muffin top is, extra fat over your shorts and pants. It’s that extra jiggle above our waist line that always gets in the way. Whoever decided to nick name it “love handles?” – Because it isn’t very loving or forgiving in the summer time. And with summer approaching right around the corner, it’s important to look good in the sun, and especially in a bathing suit. Get ready to lose that muffin top by following these steps:

  1. Eating Healthy

One of the easiest ways of losing a muffin top is eating a nutritious, balanced diet.

Eat more essential fats. When we hear with word “fat” we run away. However, there’s a difference between healthy and non-healthy fats. Healthy, essential fats are necessary for energy and provide the body with nutrients that includes giving you healthy shiny hair and nails. Foods include avocados and almonds.

Eat less sugar. Sugar is stored in fat. So the less sugar you consume, the less will be in your muffin top! There is an alternative – healthy sugars, such as fruits, are good for you. Try apples and grapefruit.

Consume fewer toxins. Although we think food in the supermarket is okay to eat, check the labels. Make sure it’s organic, not processed, caffeinated, or has sugar. Fresh, green veggies also combat and help fight against fat. Salads, cucumber, and broccoli help burn fat in a flash!

  1. Work Out

Getting to the gym will give you a stronger core, better posture, and great abs. Building muscle in your abdominals will make your stomach more defined, increase circulation, improve blood and oxygen supply, and rejuvenate your body.

  1. Avoid Stress

If you’re feeling stressed, take it out to the gym. Stress causes hormone release, which causes fat to be stored around the pelvic region. Getting stressed only makes things worse. Stay calm and carry on.

You can lose your love handles with some love for your body. Following these steps will not only improve your body image, but also your mind and lifestyle.

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