Get Sexy Back! 5 Moves To Strengthen Your Back And Core Muscles

While those New Year’s resolutions to stay in shape were alive and well a few months ago, as time wears on it’s easy to let that motivation slide just a little at a time. Fortunately, you don’t have to become the ultimate gym rat this year to get your sexy back and keep your physique in top-notch shape. There are some very simple at-home exercises that will not only strengthen your back, but give your core muscle a kick as well.


The Benefit Of Back Crunches

We are all familiar with the standard crunch, but turn that move around and you’ve got something that will give your back and core the toning they need and deserve without ever touching an abdominal roller. Simply lie on your stomach and place your hand on either side of your head. Lift your stomach gently off the floor “swan” style and then lower back to the ground. Repeat this daily and you’ll be amazed at the back strength you build up!

Pick Up A Six-Pack With Planks

Holding a plank pose for a minute at a time is one of the quickest routes to building your core six-pack. Make sure your elbows and shoulders are squarely lined up to avoid stress on joints before you lift yourself. Start out with a goal of 30 seconds and slowly work your way up to a full minute. While it’s an exercise that hits core muscles hard, it also works thigh and back muscles that must engage to keep you elevated.

Step It Up With Scissor Kicks

Give those boring crunches a little fitness flair by adding a scissoring motion to the move. Lie on your back and crunch up as if you’re going to do a standard up and down motion. Hold the pose at the top and then gently scissor your legs back and forth. Try doing three sets of 15 scissor kicks to start and it won’t take long to notice the strength your core muscles have earned!

Pick Up Pilates And Craft Your Core

It’s not necessary to become a Pilates expert to reap the core benefits this genre of exercise has to offer. Just do the Pilates 100 pump! Begin by lying on your back and slowly lifting your body into a V-shape. From here, you’re going to pump your hands up and down 100 times while maintaining the pose. It doesn’t take long to feel the burn in your core, and even better, 100 goes by much more quickly than most people imagine it will.

Invest In An Indoor Trampoline

For those looking to maintain their core physique and strengthen their back without the damage to their joints, an indoor trampoline system is an incredible option. There are companies that offer space saving mini-trampolines with customized workout videos that target core and back muscles within the comfort of your own home. Bounce yourself back into shape and have a great time doing it this year!

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