Five Bad Habits that Can Make You Depressed

Depression affects every aspect of your life, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Going through with day-to-day activities becomes a task that seems nearly impossible, and doing anything other than lying around in bed makes you muster some sort of effort that comes only after a lot of struggle.

When depression controls you, it can shorten your life drastically through all of the bad habits that can be formed along with and due to the disorder. Whether you just suffer through a case of the “Winter Blues” (otherwise known as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder) or you find fighting depression a year-round problem, you could be suffering bad habits as a side effect without even realizing it!

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The Threat of Bad Habits on Your Overall Well-Being

The number one bad habit that people have that can contribute to depression is also a major contributor to cancer, is smoking! Smoking has many other bad side effects, including the staining effect it leaves on your teeth.  It also stains your fingers and fingernails, leaving residuals wherever the cigarette touches.

The odor that the smoke leaves on your body, clothes, and the inside of your home is impossible to completely get rid of. Smoking makes food taste different and alters your taste buds, causes heart as well as lung disease. But worst of all, smoking reduces the elasticity in skin which breaks down the skin’s ability to bounce back when stretched which creates more wrinkles at a younger age.

If you are one to cling to your age, then smoking is the wrong habit for you! No amount of skin cream can counter the ill effects of smoking. Speaking of body image, many people take up smoking to manage their weight. While it is possible, they end up gaining wrinkles and age onto their skin in return.

Poor body image can lead to worsening your depression. Here are some other bad habits associated with depression.

  • Yo-Yo Weight Due to Crash Diets – Would you ever start taking a prescription not prescribed to you? The same goes with weight loss pills or any diet at all. Always consult with a doctor before beginning a diet. Consider joining a group so that you have a core support system on hand to help you stay positive and encouraged.  Take a look at our website for information on how to lose weight naturally and safely.  Go to Pure Edge Nutrition.
  • Insomnia or Lack of Rest – If you just can’t seem to get enough sleep then it’s time to eliminate anything that could be causing your lack of Zzz’s. Install blackout curtains to ensure that there is not light disturbing you, and cut out caffeine after 2 p.m. If you can’t sleep in silence, then invest in a sound machine to produce soothing sounds to carry you into dreamland.
  • Unbalanced Diet – If you are not eating healthily and living off of junk food, then your sleep could be hindered. By eating a balanced diet with more fruits and veggies, you’re on the way to a better night sleep.
  • Couch Potato Syndrome – Don’t just sit on the couch in your spare time. If you’re a gamer, invest in games that get you up and off of the couch like the Wii or Kinect for Microsoft Xbox. And the next time your pooch needs a potty break instead of turning them loose in the back yard grab the leash and take them for a little walk around the block!
  • Drinking Alcohol – If you’re on any medications, check with your doctor before consuming any alcohol. Always drink in moderation! Fortunately alcohol companies are taking notice of calorie content and offering “skinny” versions of our favorite adult beverages. However, too much alcohol leads to depression. We get to thinking about past mistakes and feeling down. Before you know it, you’ll be like Hank Williams, Jr. when he sings, “There’s a tear in my beer and I’m crying for you dear. You are on my lonely mind.”

Bad Habits Speed Up the Aging Process

If you live with many of these bad habits, then you are speeding up your aging process by competing with the natural way that your body works. The fact that these things can increase your risk of developing depression is even worse. Depression takes over your life, adds many years onto your life, and can even shorten your life.

If some of these bad habits are the norm for you, taking a minute to re-evaluate how you live your life may be in order. There is a Yiddish proverb that states bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow. That’s so true! It’s time to get rid of those bad habits, and the sooner the better. What bad habit will you give up today?

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