Fitness Inspirational Quotes to Push Your Way into the Gym

Fitness is almost on everyone’s list when it comes to health. Many of us have the desire to get that perfect body or to lose the extra fat on the butt. Yet, nothing deters us from pushing the snooze button when the alarm rings in the morning. We all want that extra sleep, that extra time on the couch, and that extra time watching TV. What’s common here is the lack of self-determination and motivation to hit the gym during early hours of morning or the hours when we truly have the time. All we have is an excuse. ‘Probably, my body needs rest today’, ‘I didn’t sleep well last night’, ‘I was up till late night yesterday’ (perhaps watching TV or engaging with friends on social media) – the list is endless. However, the truth is excuses don’t burn calories but working out does.

Fitness Inspirational

Here are some inspirational quotes to charge yourself up for that powerful work-out and make your way from FAT to FIT!

  1. Your workouts are your important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel meetings.
  2. Be stronger than the excuses you make to sit on your couch
  3. It becomes an addiction, once you see the results
  4. The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.
  5. Even if you can’t see the results physically, EVERY SINGLE effort is transforming your body. Say NO to discouragement
  6. Train harder and get the outfit you always coveted
  7. The journey comes before the destination. A good workout precedes a fit body.
  8. You need motivation to get started and habit to keep going. Change your motivation into a habit.
  9. Someone busier than you is working out RIGHT NOW
  10. No matter how slow you are going, you are still ahead of everybody relaxing on the couch
  11. Just because it takes time, doesn’t mean you quit.
  12. Excuses don’t give results, workouts do
  13. Imagine your body six months from now, if you continue working out.
  14. Unless you faint or die, keep going
  15. If you don’t like something change it, instead of letting it change you
  16. There’s no shortcut to a perfect body.
  17. Complaining will not work, working out will
  18. Discipline is what fills the gap between fitness goals and a perfectly toned body
  19. You may not be there yet, but are closer than you were yesterday
  20. More sweat today, a healthier body tomorrow

If any of these don’t work or fail to push you to go ahead with your exercising session then you must think about all the problems which overweight people experience. Think about the health problems which keep accumulating as you keep gaining weight. This will serve as an inspiration. Remember today is your day to start and if you keep postponing working out, perhaps it should never start. Don’t let your busy schedule be your excuse for not exercising or working out. If it’s not NOW perhaps it will be NEVER!


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