Finding Balance

Balance Mind
Balance Mind


Are you trying to find a balance in your busy life to achieve optimal health and happiness? In today’s day and age, we are faced with so many tasks and not enough time to do them! No need to worry, there are ways to help manage your work and home loads to get quality time for yourself, and with family and friends.

The Archives of Internal Medicine break down the four key components to “healthfulness” as:

1. Non-Smoking: Smoking is not only addictive and expensive, but it has been shown to cause many types of cancers. It can also cause “second hand smoking” which is detrimental to those around you.

2. Maintaining a Healthy Weight: A healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 18-25. If you’re constantly dieting, or losing/gaining weight extremely fast, that can be hard on your body.

3. Eating Right: Make sure to have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. MyPlate is the USDA’s newest food guideline for healthy eating, replacing the iconic food pyramid. You should fill half your daily “plate” with vegetables and fruit (with slightly more vegetables). The other half should be filled with lean protein and grains (with slightly more grains).

Whole grains should make up at least half of those grains. This includes whole wheat and brown rice. A small glass of milk signifies a small portion of dairy, preferably fat-free or low-fat dairy. Good sources of protein include lean beef, pork, lamb, and other meats; fish and shellfish; beans, peas, tofu and other soy products; chicken, turkey, other poultry; eggs, nuts, and seeds.

4. Exercising 30 Minutes or More Five Times a Week: Exercising regularly has been shown to help with boosting your metabolism and keeping your heart healthy—plus increased endorphins make you happier!

Surprisingly enough, most American’s do not meet a healthy lifestyle, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Only 3% of American adults got a perfect store on the four basic steps. About 14% met three steps, and about 34% only met two. Woman generally scored better than men.

Other Healthy Behaviors include:

1.     Enhance Personal Hygiene

• Getting Enough Sleep (7-9 hours per night)

• Brushing Teeth and Flossing

• Showering on a Regular Basis

• Personal Grooming

2.     Time for Yourself

• Relax and Unwind

• Spend Time With Family/Friends

• Spoil Yourself

• Experiment With Activities and Hobbies

• Stay Organized

3.     Maintain a Positive Attitude

• Laugh and Smile Throughout the Day

• Meditation, Prayer, or Calm Thinking

• Practice Yoga

Balance Mind & Body Mood Formula

Introducing Balance Mind & Body, an infusion of the right ingredients to balance your mood while eliminating stress and improving your sleep! Some vitamins and nutrients include: Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex, Folic Acid, Chamomile, 5-HTTP, Ashwagandha, SAM-e, DMAE, and GABA. Balance Mind & Body can be purchased at natural weight loss pills—one bottle of 90 dissolving capsules sells for only $23, or you can buy two for $20 each and save almost 15%. As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician before use.

There are many ways to balance out the day-to-day activities in our busy lives. Taking care of yourself can help you live a more balanced life.