Fight obesity with more power; Bella Vi is Back!

Most of us often get stuck between the love of food and not wanting to get fat. However, I am sure while struggling with obesity you will come across numerous well-wishers who suggest making lifestyle changes in order to bring your weight in an appropriate range. And you feel like it’s easier said than done, well but not anymore because Pure Edge Nutrition introduces “Bella VI”, the finest quality Vitamin supplement for effective weight loss.

Whether you aim to increase fat burning or reduce your current appetite, Bella Vi is back and better than ever! It is truly said that your body is a pure reflection of your lifestyle and keeping that in mind here I would like to share a small step by step guide that will help you in fighting with obesity.

Step 1- Your appetite needs to be controlled

Food is one of the most important things that keeps us alive, and our body is made of all those powerful mechanisms which somehow keeps us interested in food. It is quite obvious that people with normal weight do not much tend to experience unhealthy food cravings on the frequent basis as they feel the hunger right at appropriate times. So first before taking supplements such as Bella Vi, get the unhealthy appetite system under control.

Step 2- Blood sugar needs to be stabled

Frequent changes in blood sugar is one of the most obvious reasons of obesity, sweet cravings, feeling better after eating, getting anxious without any reason, sleeping during the daytime, etc are all signs of high blood sugar which need to be controlled. Well, you can think of having low carb or no carb diets or natural vitamin supplements like Bella Vi, that can offer quick and drastic results.

Step 3- Your eating habits needs to be changed

Dieting is never about eating less, in fact, its about eating wisely! Reduce the portion of high-calorie foods, eat peacefully, chew each and every bite well, do not swallow, plan out what you are going to eat, and of course do not forget Bella VI, the best dietary supplements.

Step 4- Get rid of extreme and unusual Stress

Stress is a normal part of the modern living, but that doesn’t mean you keep on freaking out at every now and then. In fact, you may find this interesting to know that extreme stress can lead to abdominal fat cell growth. So calm the mind and body, get a sweet sleep and include some physical exercise, etc.

So that’s all for now! Keep an eye on this space to know more about Bella Vi and other supplements offered by Pure Edge Nutrition!


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