Fasting – A Smart Way To A Healthy Life

We have often seen our elders fasting for pleasing different Gods on different days. On some occasions they have only fruits, for some only water and for some only one meal for the whole day. There are different logic’s to this apart from the religious believes. One of them being that by eating less for a day we are saving food for those who can’t afford food but there is one scientific reason to it as well. According to scientists

Fasting once a week detoxifies your body

Everyone deserves a break from their normal routine and so does our body.
The digestive system works 24*7 so it’s okay to give it a light day per week so
that it can detoxify all the waste material of our body. This not only makes us
feel lighter but also makes our digestive system stronger.

Fasting increases your metabolism

When you go on a restricted diet for a day weekly it becomes a healthy habit
for your body. If the body is able to get detoxified on weekly basis it would
definitely be able to burn more fat easily and thus leading to an increase in
the metabolism.

Fasting helps you maintain your weight

It would be incorrect to quote that fasting for a day a week would lead to
weight loss as for losing weight you need to work on your diet all throughout
the week. But yes this can definitely be said that if you are on a regular diet
and fast once a week it would definitely help you maintain your weight. If you
are on a healthy regime for the rest of the days then yes there are chances
that by even one day of fasting you can lose weight.

Fasting helps you control your blood pressure and cholesterol

You would be surprised to know that just by including one day of weekly fast
to your regime you would be able to control your blood pressure, cholesterol
and insulin as well. Here there is an important point which needs to be
mentioned, a day can change so much in your life only if the rest of the days
are equally healthy. Otherwise a single day can bring no change.

Fasting helps to prevent pimples and clear your skin

Fasting not only detoxifies your body internally but also detoxifies it
externally. It does so by cleansing your skin and controlling the excessive oil
that comes on the skin which is responsible for the acne.

It is really surprising to know that how a single day of fasting can help us
become so healthy in our lives! But if you really think that only and only one
single day can bring so many changes to your life then you have been highly
mistaken! There needs to be a balance in your life. The rest of the six days
should also be comparatively healthy only then you would be able to see the
amazing effects of fasting. So keep fasting and live a healthy and happy life.


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