Exercise vs Dieting – What is better for a healthier you!

PE PhotoThere has been bothersome debate over which is more beneficial for optimum weight loss; whether diet or exercise. Naturally lines have been drawn on each side as fitness devotees and health and nutrition experts stick to their guns to support their various disciplines.

In light of this body-health controversy, 2 cutting-edge new studies have addressed this question. It has been realized that several individuals who work out regularly find themselves remaining heavy. However in a fair world, on-going physical activity should make us slim…Right? However, repeated studies have shown that many people who begin an exercise program lose little or no weight. Some actually gain.

In his analysis following the “Hadza study” in Tanzania, Dr. Timothy Church – of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana – found that human metabolism is not as vastly accelerated by activity as once believed…Surprising, isn’t it?…Particularly for those of us hoping to use exercise to radically clobber our additional pounds.

Diana Thomas, a professor of mathematics at Montclair State University in New Jersey, also chimes in; “There’s this expectation that if you exercise, your metabolism won’t drop as you lose weight or will even speed up”. She goes on to assert, following a close mathematical investigation of past studies of exercise and weight loss, that this blissful expectation is now unfortunately groundless.

In one of the few studies which critically monitored exercise, food intake and metabolic rates, it was identified in volunteers’ that metabolic rates actually decreased as they lost weight – even though they exercised every day. “Although candidates were burning up to 500 calories during an exercise session, their total daily caloric burn was lower than it would have been had their metabolism remained unchanged, and they lost less weight than had been expected.”

It appears that diet wins. Research reveals that reducing calories from your diet is the express-ride straight to acquiring that desired beach-body. According to Dr. Church, “It’s much easier to cut 500 calories than to spend an hour in the gym burning 500 calories every day.” However, if exercise has been your mainstay for keeping unwanted pounds away, please do not be despondent…Exercise still possesses a very integral component to keeping weight off and most certainly benefits our overall health in a profound way.

On the other hand if eating less, or very little, is your only method for loosing unwanted flesh, then this is not an absolutely successful strategy either. The reason for this is you will need to keep your calories low almost permanently to lock-in the weight already lost. In this event, research has depicted that your body will not simply adapt to the lower food intake – regardless of how long you have been at it – instead the hunger hormone; ghrelin becomes higher than ever. The body actually feels just as hungry as the first day of the diet. This is a set-up for “diet-fail”, and is not healthy for that matter.

At the end of the day, the components of weight loss are wrapped up in a concept called energy balance. Basically to lose weight, establish that you are burning more calories than you consume. It is also critical to reduce your caloric in-take to obtain the most out of the process. Be mindful that the amalgamation of both of these systems is the optimal way to reduce that dress or pant size and, furthermore acquire the best health!

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