How Excess Weight Impacts Your Joint Health

While everyone around wants to lose weight to look more appealing or beautiful, losing weight can have other benefits as well on your overall health. Apart from helping you move through your tasks comfortably, maintaining ideal weight helps avoid a number of joint problems. Excess weight can impact your joint health in different ways. Let me give you an example. If your weight is 10 pounds more than your ideal weight then you are loading your knees with 40 pounds of extra pressure.

How Excess Weight Impacts Your Joint Health

Obesity increases the risk of certain types of arthritis. If you are already suffering from arthritis and don’t take any measures to keep your weight under check then obesity is only going to make your condition worse. Simply put, the more weight that is on a joint, the more stressed the joint becomes. The most affected joints, in case of obesity, are weight-bearing joints such as knee and the hips.

Heavy Weight and Joint Health

  • Excess weight causes increased risk of osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative bone disease

  • Due to more weight, the wear and tear of joints increases. This makes movements including sitting down on floor and then standing up a painful and challenging task. Hence, apart from causing gradual damage to your joints, they restrict your movements owing to the pain they cause. Many individuals are asked to avoid sitting on the floor or cross-legged due to the wear and tear caused to joints.

  • When the pain is unbearable or movement too restricted it becomes challenging to carryout routine tasks with ease. At such times, individuals are asked to undergo knee or hip replacement surgeries. According to research, 72 percent of people who underwent joint replacement surgery were also suffering from obesity.

  • Despite claims that certain foods can bring down the amount of joint wear and tear, the single most factor positively impacting joint health is a healthy weight.

  • Once you are obese and have got arthritis, it can be very difficult for you to lose weight. This is because when you exercise for losing weight it might heighten the amount of wear and tear to your joints. The increased activity might put more pressure on joints. This leads to further stress on joint health.

Keeping the above points in view it can be said that it is always important to maintain a healthy weight. As soon as you find that your weight has increased, it is important to increase physical activity so as to put your weight under control. Right steps at the right time can bring down the risk of joint wear and tear, and also enhance your overall health.

If your weight is more than your ideal weight as per your height, age, and gender then even a small amount of weight loss will bring significant improvements in your joint health and function. Set weight loss goals and start exercising from today!


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