Your Essential Guide To The Types of Diet Pills Available Over The Counter

There is no shortage of over-the-counter diet pills that claim to help in losing weight or induce weight loss, but the truth is that most of these products haven’t been tested thoroughly for their effectiveness. Whats worse than that is that most of these pills are expensive to buy and moreover, due to the lack of properly regulated research/clinical trials there is a high possibility of various side effects which will end up sabotaging your weight loss efforts more than actually helping it. That’s why it’s essential to carefully research and consider your options before spending your hard earned money on diet pills.

Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise Over The Counter

Since a long time, a combination of diet and exercise was the preferred choice for people wanting to lose weight due to their proven effectiveness, but it requires a lifestyle change that must be sustained to keep weight and fat gain at bay. But more recently diet pills have become the go-to option for a lot of people due to their ability to provide quicker and noticeable results without much effort and time considering that both are in short supply due to our ever increasing hectic lifestyles.

So, we’ve narrowed down the types of diet pills that actually work fast without exercise and are available over the counter after a lot of research and careful consideration so that you don’t have to waste your time or money looking for the best that the diet pills industry has to offer.

These are the types of diet pills that work fast without exercise and are available over the counter:

Thermogenic Fat Burners

These type of diet pills provide you with noticeable weight loss by working on burning the fat stored in your body. These pills have powerful and proven weight loss inducing ingredients like caffeine and Citrus Aurantium. These powerful ingredients ensure that the fat present in your body is metabolized quickly. It has been observed that these pills ensure noticeable weight loss without any exercise or unhealthy calorie reduction. Although these pills are safe when taken moderately and carefully, due to the presence of potent ingredients slight side effects like insomnia and jitters might be experienced.

Phentermine Alternatives

Currently, a few diet pills like Phentermine and Adipex are available with a doctor’s prescription which are very effective for weight loss, but the reason they require a doctor’s prescription is because they have significant side effects. As a result, a variety of Phentermine alternatives are available legally over the counter. These alternatives are a combination of multiple supplements but in a smaller dose and without the side effects of the prescribed phentermine. These diet pills are doubly effective which means that they will help suppress your hunger and also increase your metabolic rate thus helping you lose weight more quickly.

Green Tea Fat Burners

Combining the benefits of a proven natural weight loss product and a powerful antioxidant, green tea fat burners will help you remain healthy while simultaneously burning excess calories leading to weight loss. The main ingredient of this supplement as the name suggests is green tea which is a herbal product proven to aid in weight loss. The side effects of these diet pills are significantly less, although you can experience insomnia or dizziness if taken in excess.

Detox Cleansers

Detox is a way to clean your body of harmful toxins, but most of the detox products are also responsible for suppressing hunger which can be useful for people looking to lose weight. Thus, while undergoing detox, you may also end up losing a significant amount of weight providing you with benefits of both cleaning the body and shedding excess fat leading to a healthier body.

All of these products are easily available over the counter and anybody looking to lose weight should definitely take the benefit of fast and effortless results provided by these types of diet pills, but it is also important to consider that even these products are not without side effects and as a result should only be taken after consulting with a dietician/medical professional so that they can guide you towards the best option according to your requirements.


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