Can Coffee Help With Weight Loss?

Ever wonder why you have a craving for coffee and caffeine when you’re feeling sleepy or sluggish? Not only does coffee help wake you up and start your engines, it can be a significant factor with weight loss and alertness. Find out how drinking coffee can be just what you need to help manage your weight and promote healthy weight loss.

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What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the amount of energy your body uses. Everyone has a different rate of metabolism, which can fluctuate. It can slow down or speed up based on a number of factors including diet, exercise, and genetics.


Coffee and Metabolism

A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that coffee increased metabolism within three hours of consumption in both overweight and average weight people. This increased rate of metabolism directly relates to weight loss. It also contributes to the fact that coffee is proven to boost energy levels leading to a more productive and active day, and even a more productive lifestyle. Not only do you crave the delicious drink, you also crave the extra kick that it brings to nudge you in the right direction.


Alternatives to Traditional Coffee

Don’t like coffee or just want that extra boost to help with weight loss? Don’t worry! Pure Edge Nutrition has effective alternatives that can fulfill your weight loss needs. Find out how you can boost your metabolism quickly and conveniently, without coffee breath or teeth stains. Pure Edge Nutrition has everything you need to help you succeed with your weight loss goals and much more!


Thin Up

Thermogenic refers to generating heat in the body. Increased thermogenesis coincides with increased metabolic rate and more fat burning. Thin Up by Centre is an advanced thermogenic and energy formula, jam packed with loads of energy by combining thermogenic herbs and caffeine. This perfect combination leads to an increased metabolism, which burns more fat and generates weight loss. As a popular and natural thermogenic, caffeine stimulates the release of fatty acids to boost energy levels and increase alertness and focus. Thin Up will not only help with weight loss, but will also keep you feeling great mentally and physically. Thin Up can be found on the Pure Edge Nutrition website, so start energizing yourself today!


Green Coffee Bean Extract

As seen on the Dr. Oz show as the new “miracle fat burner,” green coffee bean extract can help you lose weight easily and at a fast pace. What’s the secret? Non-roasted green coffee beans contain Chlorogenic Acid, a compound that burns fat and stops glucose from entering the body. These two functions absorb fat and prevent weight gain in the body. It also helps the body use fat for energy verses for storage and stops excess sugar circulation in the body, which can lead to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Pure Edge Nutrition offers GCB 400 Green Coffee Bean Extract by Center, with 400mg per capsule. Since its 100% natural, with no known harmful side effects, you can’t go wrong!


Get energized today and see the difference! To ensure safety and effectiveness, take everything in moderation. As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician before adding or changing your supplement or diet routine.