Best Exercises to Get Bikini Ready Now!

© Delamofoto | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Delamofoto | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Summer time is just around the corner and what do you need more than anything else? To look amazing in your bikini! To achieve the perfect summer bikini body, you have to exercise and make sure to work every part of your body. Maintaining exercise regularly also promotes the power of a healthy mind and body. The most important thing is to keep exercise a regular part of your routine and to mix things up. There are many types of exercises that burn calories, tone your muscles, and strengthen your core. Here’s how to get to a sexier and healthier you:

Burn Fat

To burn fat from the source, cardio aka aerobic exercise is the way to go. Despite popular belief, the best way to burn fat happens when you are at a lower intensity workout for a longer duration! Walking, elliptical, or swimming a few days a week can help increase your energy and endurance. Make sure to keep your breathing steady so that oxygen can be sent to the working muscles. Since fewer calories are used in this process, the slower pace calls for a longer workout.

Tone Muscle

Anaerobic exercise burns carbohydrates and the intense work out can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Due to the intense nature of the exercises, the direct attention and pressure on each muscle can be toned and firmed faster. To get a leaner body, practice exercises like push ups, sit ups, chin ups, squat thrusts, and jumping jacks. When you tone your muscles, it strengthens muscle cell fibers, promotes muscle growth, and increases stamina. The good news? It burns a lot of calories because of the intensity! Since more muscles are used in these exercises, you need more energy for them, and more calories are burned.

Double Trouble

Guess what? You can get both at once! Weight training is the answer! The weight burns carbohydrates and calories, and the intensity tones and builds muscle. The added weight also improves your metabolism causing more fat burn. Remember to start small with things you can do to build yourself so you can progress at a healthy pace over time.

Switch Things Up & Make it Fun

Try alternating between lower and higher intensity exercises within the same workout or switch off different days to get the best effect. Cross-training is another way to make things fun so you don’t get bored. Getting a full range of activities promotes every muscle in your body, which makes you stronger, helps you lose weight, builds muscle, and prevents injury. Get creative and find what works for you to make things fun and easy to motivate yourself. For example, get a work out buddy, listen to great music, weigh yourself to see your progress, cook at home more often, drink more water, and pace yourself.

Melt your calories and fat away with these exercise guidelines. For more tips and tricks, check out “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises” by Adam Campbell. Don’t forget to consult a physician before starting your new exercise routine. Feel good about your body and enjoy the summer! So what are you waiting for? Pump yourself up and get into gear. Improve every muscle in your body and watch your hard work pay off. Look and feel amazing in your bikini!

JoAnn Lennon, Pure Edge Nutrition