Best Apps for a Healthier Life (Weight Loss, Fitness & Nutrition)

In this day and age, it’s important to take advantage of the things technology has to offer us. Easily accessible in the palms of our hands, technology can help make us healthier and happier, and full of knowledge. Get pumped on fitness and nutrition and expand your horizons to a better and brighter future. These five apps will make you think twice and act smart with your health in a fun and easy way!

Best Apps for a Healthier Life

1. Protein Pow
This handy app keeps your sweet tooth satisfied, but also keeps you in check while packing on the protein in easy and creative ways! If you want to stay healthy while enjoying sweets, this app is the one for you. Loaded with protein recipes, this app shows you a new way to stay fit while satisfying your cravings. The recipes range from easy to expert levels, and even have mouth-watering pictures to both motivate and excite you.

2. Nike Training Club
According to, “Nike has always been more than a product or an attitude. Nike is also an experience.” The epitome of fitness, this Nike app will train you with endurance, strength, and willpower. Displaying sharp photos, videos, and workout tutorials specific to the certain goals you want to achieve. Specially concocted by Nike athletes and trainers, this highly professional app will have you working out hard and leave you inspired to gear up for the next round—for both the short and long term.

3. Lift App
This turns all your workouts and goals into an easier, condensed version of the ultimate checklist. It helps you create habits that enable you to quickly achieve success, and maintains those goals so you don’t plateau. It also doubles as a workout calendar to send you ticklers to remind you what you need to do next. You can also share with other users to see what works for them to get more motivation and ideas.

4. Pocket Yoga
Sometimes committing to the yoga class can be the hardest thing. It might be too time consuming or expensive. That’s where this app comes in. It condenses the core exercises in about ten-minute tutorial workouts to increase strength and flexibility. This enables you to practice yoga on the go—when you have free time, at any time of the day or night. Choose from over two hundred poses with different longevity and difficulty levels! Could anything be more convenient?

5. 12-Minute Athlete HIIT Workout
Get an intense workout down in only twelve minutes! If you’re in a hurry, or just trying to strengthen your skills, and don’t want to always be working out, this is the app for you! This helps you burn calories quickly, while getting fit from high intensity interval training (HIIT). Containing over 185 HIIT workouts of cardio, interval, and core training, you can choose from many options to include equipment or just with your own body. Get your muscles moving, sweat dripping, and heart pounding with these quick and intense routines.

Ready, set, go! These apps will give you a fun twist on fitness and nutrition that you’ve got to see to believe. Download today and start having fun! Give yourself more energy and endurance while enjoying the little things and getting back to basics. You won’t be disappointed!