Benefits of Keeping a Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude can help you all throughout your life and even in dealing with small things that can add up to a lot of stress. Instead of sweating the small things, you can learn to take things in stride. Soon even the big things won’t seem that bad anymore! People will enjoy spending time with you – even those who don’t contact you in person, but rather through the internet or phone.

While you may want to be a positive person and try your absolute hardest to keep a great attitude, do you ever feel that it is simply impossible for you to feel happy and to remain upbeat? Do you feel fine when the sun is shining and its warmth is surrounding your skin, but not able to cope when the skies are grey and the bitter cold cuts through your bones?

If that sounds like you, then it’s very possible that you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). People who are affected by this condition suffer from depression in certain seasons, with the winter and fall time being most prevalent.

Creating a Positive Environment

The first step in creating a positive environment is to picture your perfect happy place. It could be a vacation spot, a childhood memory, or somewhere that you could otherwise only dream of visiting. Now try and incorporate things that remind you of that happy place into spaces where you spend most of your time. When you see the things that remind you of the times when you were the most happy, it will help you find your positive place.

Paint your walls bright and calming colors and decorate accordingly. Place plenty of lights around you to brighten your day, and don’t forget to add some indoor flowers and plants around you as well. Air fresheners that smell like things that you love can help liven your senses and lift your spirits. Meanwhile using portable heaters or electric fireplaces during the winter can warm you up and make you feel as if you were sitting under the sun by the ocean once again, just like on a bright summer day.

Effects of a Positive Attitude

If we go through our lives looking at things negatively and constantly seeing the glass as half empty, then other things in our life will begin to adapt to this attitude. For example, if your doctor says that you have high cholesterol, and you deem yourself ready to die by heart attack instead of taking action and working to lower your cholesterol, then your negative attitude is working against the betterment of your physical health.

When you live life looking at everything as the glass being half full, then you are working towards a stable life of positivity. Consider these benefits of keeping a positive attitude.

  • Physical Health – If you give it your best to lead a positive life that attempts to shrug off all stress with a can-do attitude, then your risk of ulcers is already decreased from your worry-free life! Attitude affects blood pressure, diabetes, weight, sleep patterns – and just about every other aspect of your physical well-being!
  • Mental Health – If you attempt to see the positive things in life, then your attitude will follow suit! If you see the positive things that you like about your body, and the many ways you are blessed with and in life, then you are less susceptible to depression and stress.
  • Workplace & School – In life you get back what you give, and you earn what you put into it. No matter how you say it, the meaning is the same. If you go into things with a positive attitude and effort, then the results that you receive will be positive as well. People with positive attitudes make more money than Negative Nellies. And students with positive attitudes receive higher grades and test scores.

Seeking Professional Advice

American figure skater and Olympic medalist Scott Hamilton once said, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” If you’ve tried to improve your attitude using techniques such as listening to CDs and reading books that inspire positive thoughts, improving your diet, waking up early and exercising more without any kind of real success, then it’s time to call your family doctor for an appointment.

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