Battle of the Bulge!

I find the summer months more difficult to diet than I do the winter months.  I know, I know, I am not like most people as most people find it easier to diet during the summer months.   With all the summer cookouts and pool parties, I find it very challenging to stay on track.  With this in mind, I found an article online that points out 15 foods that can help us in the ongoing battle of losing weight.  I will share three foods for the next five weeks.

Here goes:

1. Eggs: Instead of eating that fat bagel in the morning, choose an egg instead.  Eggs will help you feel fuller longer and will usually eliminate food cravings.  A recent study, which consisted of 30 overweight women, found that those who ate 2 scrambled eggs along with two slices of toast, consumed less in the next 36 hours than women who ate that bagel (with the same calorie count as two scrambled eggs).

2. Beans: Have you ever heard of cholecystokinin?  I know I haven’t until now.  Beans contain cholecystokinin.  And cholecystokinin is one of our biggest weight loss pals. Cholecystokinin is a digestive hormone that naturally suppresses our appetite.  There is also evidence that suggests that beans keep our blood sugar levels stabilized as well as lowering your cholesterol.

3. Salad: Before you eat those yummy meals at those cookouts, control your calorie intake by starting with a big salad (of course, without the creamy dressing). Studies have shown that those who ate a big, low-calorie salad consumed 12% less food afterward.  The secret here is the amount of salad, which will make you feel too full to overeat at a meal.

Next week, I will share another three food items that can help us shed those unwanted pounds.

Feel free to leave your comments and share what foods you find helpful in losing weight!  And what about you? Do you find it harder to lose weight in the summer too?