Battle of the Bulge – Part 5

Hi!  This week is the last of the “Battle of the Bulge” series.  As I am sure you do, I am always looking for ways to stay healthy and fit.  And I am always curious about the foods that are good and which ones I should stay away from.  I hope that the series helped you and you gained some knowledge on eating healthfully.

Here are the last three food items that can help in the Battle of the Bulge.


We all know that nuts are fattening.  In fact, a handful is about 165 calories.  However, those who snacked on a handful of nuts ate less during meals than they normally would.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  But studies have shown that those who snacked on nuts were slimmer than those you didn’t.

High Fiber Cereal

Again, studies have shown that those who at a high-fiber cereal at breakfast did not consume as much food at mealtime.  This does not apply to all cereals.  It is specifically High Fiber Cereals.

Hot Red Pepper

Eat that bowl of spicy chili regularly!  Again, those who ate spicy chili regularly ate less.  The reason may be the capsaicin, which helps to suppress appetites.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this series.

I have really good blog topics coming up so be sure to check back with me again.

Have a great week!