Are You Practicing Good Dental Hygiene Habits?

Proper dental hygiene is so important in order to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. Our overall well-being is increased by simply taking proper care of our teeth and gums, failing to do so could cut our lives short. Other results of poor dental hygiene include severe pain and periodontitis, which is inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth. Those with periodontitis are only serving to speed the aging process, while those with good dental health seem younger than their actual age in comparison. The American Dental Association reports that “there are a lot of studies that suggest that oral health, and gum disease in particular, are related to serious conditions like heart disease.”

While it’s important to have good dental hygiene and habits that promote healthy teeth during your entire life, the younger those good habits develop, the better. Healthy gums and teeth within the mouths of children are the consequence of a number of things, many of them beginning early in a child’s life. Here are some of them, many of which are a direct result of adult influence.

  • Parents and guardians should start cleaning their babies’ mouths before their first tooth even cuts through the gum. Pharmacies and department stores sell toothbrushes that are specially made for babies, just for this purpose, but some family dentists offer a complimentary child’s cleaning kit to celebrate their first dental appointment.
  • Only take children to their regular family dentist throughout their entire childhood. This not only helps them become comfortable with all the potentially scary dental tools, but will also help them get into a routine that will influence their adult lives.
  • Monitor young children’s usage of a “sippy cup” or bottle. Acid from juice and even milk can damage their newly developed teeth. It’s best to limit their use and avoid getting into the habit of taking it to nap or bedtime.
  • Children over the age of five should brush their teeth with toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association, at least twice a day. While it is recommended that children use a toothpaste with fluoride, too much of the ingredient can actually cause more harm than good.
  • Monitor teenage use of damaging teeth-whitening products. These products have the potential to completely strip away the protective layer of enamel on the outside of the teeth.
  • Introduce flossing at a young age! Flossing is the key component to fighting gingivitis due to the fact that it removes food from gums and between teeth.

Good dental habits are imperative for a healthy lifestyle. Americans spend millions each year in an attempt to prevent cardiovascular, diabetic, and cancerous diseases. However, many of these same people fail to realize that it doesn’t matter how much money they spend on those things if they ignore what’s going on inside their mouths.

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