Are you losing your hair to stress?

Country music singer Dolly Parton once shared, “I love bald men. Just because you’ve lost your fuzz don’t mean you ain’t a peach.” Baldness is a part of life but if you’re losing your hair due to stress then it’s something you’ll need to remedy with a visit to your doctor. And that visit should happen sooner rather than later!

Signs of Stress and Hair Loss

As the stress of your life just continues to pile on, you might find it necessary to just sit and take a deep breath. You massage your temples and run your hands through your hair, only to remove your hands with a clump of hair intertwined in your fingers. Instead of relieving yourself from any stress at all, you’ve only managed to increase it with the sudden hair loss.

Stress-Related Reasons for Hair Loss

Stress, and stress-related reasons, can definitely lead to and help the process of hair loss. One stress-related reason is the stress of pregnancy. The influx of hormones and the amount of stress that comes with bringing another life into the world can definitely speed up the process of hair loss. Alopecia Areata can be another stress-related reason for hair loss. In this form, the hair follicles are attacked by white blood cells, and in return hair growth is stopped and hair can fall out.

In telogen effluvium, the physical or emotional stress that you are under finally does the trick. The stress sends your hair into a sort of hibernation, when eventually it will come out when you run a brush or even just your fingers through your hair. Trichotillomania is a way that some people resort to in order to cope with their stress. This disorder is the phrase used to describe how a situation makes you want to pull your hair out taken literally.

People pull hair out of different areas of their body, be it their head, or even their eyebrows! None of these stress-related reasons are untreatable. You’re never alone in your stress, or the depression that can come along with it, and there are plenty of different remedies for your stress. Schedule a visit with your doctor to see if you actually qualify for any of the medications or remedies, or if you’re fabulous enough without them aiding you in your journey!

The Next Step for Your Stress-Induced Hair Loss

The next step for your stress-induced hair loss most likely involves a doctor. It’s basically the unfortunate inevitable. If you feel that you’ve been dealing with stress and anxiety for quite a while, and are beginning to feel far too overwhelmed all the time, visit your doctor or even a psychologist. From there, you can find help with your battles and hopefully solve some of your hair loss issues.

If the stress isn’t uncontrollable, but simply how much hair you are losing is causing you to lose some self- esteem, visit a dermatologist. If you are one of those who needed help with your stress, visiting a dermatologist after you get everything taken care of, will help boost your self-esteem. They may be able to give or recommend something that can help grow some hair back or simply stop or slow down the loss.