Are You a Spinner?

A few years ago, I walked into the gym and was coaxed into taking a spin class.  Since I wasn’t a person that liked the gym very much, I hesitated but eventually agreed to it.  I said to myself, “why not, who can’t ride a bike”?

Well, let me tell you…that class whipped my butt even though my level of intensity was modified quite a bit.  I remember leaving the gym with a note to self that I would never do that again.  So, from that point on, my opinion of Spin class was that I hated it.

Recently, a similar thing happened.  I decided to join the gym with a friend.  So for the first few months, we started with Zumba classes and a bit of light weight lifting.

One day not too long ago, my workout buddy suggested we try Spinning.  Remembering years ago how much I hated it, I was hesitant again and felt somewhat intimidated by those mechanical and stationary bikes with funny looking handlebars.  But then, I decided to give it a try.  I said to myself, if I don’t like it, I’ll just leave the class…simple as that.

Well, ask me today if I like Spin!  I don’t like it, I LOVE it!  Something happened.  Perhaps it was truly understanding that each bike needs to be adjusted to each person’s body frame.  With the help of the trainer, I was able to make sure the position of the bike was right for me as I learned that it is essential to obtain the right setup prior to riding.

The seat position must be right for the rider’s height. The height of the seat should be level with the hip when the participant is standing next to the cycle. The seat should be set in order for the front of the knee to be directly in line with the ball of the foot when the pedal is pointing forward.  Handlebar height can be adjusted for comfort.  If the exercise is not done correctly due to an unfitted bike, injuries can occur and you dislike it like I did a few years back.

Spinning classes can be a great way to get in a vigorous workout. A 30-minute workout on a Spinning cycle can burn as much as 500 calories, a plus for me.  Spinning does not burn muscle, but rather fat!  Another huge plus for me.  Heart health is an obvious benefit, as is lung capacity. As you work harder you will learn to control breathing as well.

Each bike has a resistance control knob in easy reach of the handlebars. Some days I want to add more resistance and work out harder and some days I don’t.  That’s the beauty of it.  You are able to challenge yourself at your own pace.

The class instructors at my gym are awesome. Not only do they play great music for motivation, they are enthusiastic with coaching us to ride at the best level of fitness for each one of us.

Spinning also does good things for you mentally.  First, the warm and cool downs are great ways to relax. The physical exertion can release pent-up emotions while building mental strength by developing a positive “can do” attitude.

I take spin class three times a week, as recommended, but certainly wish I could do it more!  Give it a try! The first time you may feel unsure of it; the second time, you may feel a little better about it; But by the third time, you’ll be a pro at it and love it like I do!

As with any exercise, consult with your doctor before participating.

Feel free to leave comments on how you feel about spinning!  Would love to hear.

Thanks! Janine (Visit me on Facebook)