9 Ways To Lose Weight While You’re At Work

Since you’re at work for a big portion of the day, why not make the most of it? Don’t have enough time or money for the gym? Workout at while you work! Utilize your workspace to lose weight and improve your quality of life. Read more to find out how!
1. Keep a scale at your desk. There’s nothing better than seeing how your hard work has paid off and how much you’ve improved. Smart scales can measure your weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), pulse, air quality, weight history, and more. And all this data can be sent to your personal email! But remember, muscle weighs more than fat. If your weight increases it might be because you’re building muscle and losing fat!
2. Switch your office chair for a stability ball. Balancing on a large ball keeps your core and back in respective postures while keeping your body moving. Constantly shifting and gently bouncing also exercises your muscles so you aren’t sitting sedentary all day, which can make you sluggish and may negatively impact your health. There are many different types of stability balls that you can also keep in a stabilized position to give your abs a break!

3. Take a break from your chair altogether. Practice taking time to stand. Do this throughout the day, while having phone calls, or take small five to 15 minute breaks walking outside for some fresh air and sunshine. This will kick start your metabolism and blood flow. By doing so, it makes your work day much more productive by having more cognitive focus.
4. Get a swivel footrest. Propping your feet can keep you much more comfortable throughout the day. Certain models can tilt, turn, and slide in different directions. This keeps your lower body busy and metabolism going without even lifting a finger.
5. Keep workout gear at work. Keep an extra pair of sneakers (also good in case of emergencies) and workout clothes to use as motivation when you’re getting off work. Now you’ll be able to catch that special class or exercise with a coworker. Eliminate obstacles by preparing for your workouts and keep yourself interested by making it a group endeavor.
6. Set a timer or email tickler. Keep yourself in check by reminding yourself to keep moving throughout the day. The longer you sit the greater chance you have of gaining weight or developing a cardiac or metabolic disease. Remind yourself to always keep moving, even if for just a little bit. Walk to the water fountain or eat a healthy snack away from your desk.
7. Give your hands a break. Typing on keyboards and looking at computer screens for long periods can strain your hands and eyes. Give yourself everyday relief by flexing your hands, wrists, and tendons. This routine also decreases your chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Practice simple hand exercises after lunch or look into glove tools that increase muscle looseness and flexibility from your elbows to your hands. Look away from your screen and focus on something in the distance every so often as well.
8. Don’t forget your bottom. When you’re on the phone (especially on hold), in a meeting, or organizing files, you can easily do Kegel exercises and butt clenches. For the best results, try holding each muscle for at least 15 seconds before releasing. You’ll be secretly making a better butt for yourself and more!
9. Take a workout break. Look into small routines like the Seven Minute Workout. These short, easy, and effective workouts will have you looking and feeling better in no time. All you need is a wall, a chair, and a few minutes. Incorporate into your morning or afternoon break and pretty soon it will come as second nature.
Flexing, loosening, and tightening your muscles in small different movements throughout the day can be extremely beneficial and effective for weight loss and overall health. Keep your workdays fun by working out at the same time!



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