9 Tips To Reduce Cellulite This Summer

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising, and it’s finally time slip into those bikinis! But unfortunately, cellulite always seems to stand out — and it could be anywhere! Cellulite is a common issue that’s hard to ignore in the summer months. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to minimize its presence. Although there is no way to eliminate it completely, there are healthy alternatives that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and give you that smooth summer skin you desire.

Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite comes from fat deposits below the surface of skin, usually deposited in the abdomen, thighs, and rear. And everybody’s got it, including supermodels! The appearance of cellulite is dependent on a few factors: hormones, diet, lifestyle, age, genetics, and toxicity. So, what can you do to banish those lumps, bumps and dimples? Like the answer to most health questions, nutrition and exercise is the key — they improve your health and appearance, and reduce toxins too! You can also follow these great tips to reduce cellulite this summer:

1. Eat a clean, alkaline, unprocessed diet. Fresh fruit and veggies will be the keys to removing your cellulite. Fresh produce in their true natural form have the highest nutritional value, so be sure to eat them in this way as much as possible. They also combat the acidic toxic matter in your cells, helping to expel it from your body. Try fresh juicing. It is the perfect snack or meal replacement.

2. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated helps your body flush out the harmful toxins that cause you to store extra fat or make you get sick. It also prevents further cellulite from forming. Take it up a flavor notch by adding lemon, mint, cucumber, or berries to your water – the possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to coffee, energy drinks, soda, and sugary juices.

3. Swap the table salt and butter. Toss the table salt — it’s highly refined, acidic, and dehydrating. Opt for crystal or sea salt. Their alkalinity is loaded with minerals that support your body systems. Leave butter and margarine behind. Use coconut oil and olive oil when cooking and eating, and even incorporate them into your beauty regimen. They make great moisturizers for your face, hands, hair, and lips! Your body will love you for it!

4. Detox. The first three steps show how to remove the toxins contributing to your cellulite, but we need to make sure they are expelled from the body. Remove pesky toxins through a colon cleanse. Waste elimination will make all your hard work pay off! It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

5. Skin brushing and massage. The lymphatic system, underneath the surface of your skin, is the resting place where cellulite lies. Gently brushing and massaging helps stimulate circulation, which can lead to further toxin expulsion and skin firmness. Use a skin brush in small circular movements over the problematic areas for a few minutes three times per week. It will help break down the fatty deposits that cause dimples, lumps, and bumps! Start off slow and work your way up to let your sensitive skin adjust to this wonderful pampering.

6. Exercise it away. Cellulite is less noticeable when you’re exercising regularly. When you work out, crank it up! Doing so causes you to burn fat and increase muscle tone, which can affect the appearance of cellulite by tightening, toning, and lengthening. Exercise increases endorphin levels in your body which help remove toxins from the inside.

7. Lose weight. Ditching the extra fat off your body will help reduce both the appearance and amount of cellulite you have. However, loosing too much weight could backfire and also make cellulite look worse. It also depends on your body and genetics. Your best bet is to find a happy medium between your target weight and what’s healthy and happy for your body size and frame.

8. Try Ultra Contour Cellulite Slimming Gel from Pure Edge Nutrition. Specially formulated, this affordable gel contains active organic botanicals, which are a great topical solution for cellulite. The unique mix of raspberry, caffeine, green tea, seaweed, and aloe vera will leave you looking and smelling great. This all-natural product can help slim, smooth, contour, and firm the skin. Ultra Contour Cellulite Slimming Gel can help you look your best this summer!

9. Take advantage of that summer glow. Thankfully, during bikini season, a little color goes a long way! A tan can help hide skin imperfections, but beware — staying out in the sun for too long can cause damage. Since cellulite is a skin issue, it’s best to opt for an artificial tan (with organic ingredients), and be sure to wear sunscreen when outside!

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