7 Ways To Boost Your Energy In 10 Minutes Or Less

Ever wonder why you’re more tired than usual lately? Unfortunately it may be a sign that you’re missing important steps that can boost up your mind and your body. The most important thing is to not go for the easy way out, like eating candy or drinking coffee. Too much sugar too fast will eventually make you crash and leave you even more tired. Read more to find out the best natural ways to increase your energy the right way.


1. Eat Breakfast: The best way to start your day, get your body into gear by giving it nutrients. High fiber foods like oatmeal will keep you fuller longer than a pastry. Breakfast also keeps you from getting dangerously hungry which can lead to binge eating.

2. Drink Water: A cup of water in the morning quickly hydrates your body after a long slumber, as dehydration is a major cause of fatigue. It’s best to follow the golden rule of eight glasses a day, although everyone’s body is different. The best way to tell is if you aren’t thirsty and your urine is light to clear color. Make a habit to drink a glass every few hours—your frequent trips to the cooler will also help wake you and get you out of your chair!

3. Go Nuts: A handful a day keeps the doctor away— and also fatigue! Just a handful of almonds and peanuts can work wonders on your body, as they are loaded with magnesium and folate (folic acid), which are known for energy and cell production. If you feel tired most of the time, you may be lacking these vital nutrients in your system.

4. Get Moving: Exercise is the best way to get you amped up and feeling good. As you get your blood pumping, oxygen goes through your body to your heart, muscles, and brain. Exercising regularly, even only 10 minutes a day, will keep your energy levels at a normal constant rate. Move as much as you can, even the little things count. Take a walk, take the stairs, and opt for a parking spot that is not so close to the door.

5. Get some sun. A few minutes of being outside on a nice day improves mood and memory, which can increase your productivity and ability to absorb new information. Getting a bit of sun can also increase your self-esteem. The sunshine naturally produces vitamin D, so when you’re outside, your body gets the vitamin D it needs to stay energized.

6. Snack away: Your brain and body need fuel to maintain performance. When you stop eating, your blood sugar level drops, which can cause you to feel tired. Eating small snacks throughout the day fuels your body with energy while increasing your metabolism. The best snacks include protein with slow-burning carbs. Try foods like banana and peanut butter or granola with berries. These nutrient rich snacks will keep you going throughout the entire day and make you feel great!

7. Energyze by Bella Vi: Featured on the Pure Edge Nutrition website, this affordable supplement fights fatigue and boosts energy. Energyze gets its power from the berries of the Guarana plant, known as an exceptional source of natural caffeine. The Guarana is considered the least likely caffeine plants to cause anxiety, yet each fruit contains three times more caffeine than coffee beans. It can also help increase metabolism and acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helping you meet your weight-loss goals while gaining energy. As with any supplement, consult your doctor before starting Energyze to see what is right for you.