7 Secret Reasons You Should Be Strength Training

Strength training can have some misconceptions. You don’t have to be super strong or an athlete to do it. And it doesn’t mean you’ll bulk up like the Hulk. Strength training can be done in many different ways, and deals with building a healthier body. Below are the best seven secrets why you should be strength training today!

Strength Training

#1 Look And Feel Great
Strength training actually burns more calories than a cardio workout. If you want to burn off fat faster and more efficiently, strength training is for you. By strengthening your body, you can transform your shape while getting more energy. Since strength training is more intense, it can highly increase endorphin levels in the brain, leaving you happier on the inside and impressed with your new body on the outside.

#2 Sleep Well
Since regular strength training workouts burn more calories, they also enable you to sleep sounder. Not only will you fall asleep quicker, but also you will have a deep sleep leaving you well rested the next day. No more tossing and turning!

#3 Target Your Workout
Strength training gives you the ability to work on a specific area or group that you want to work on, for faster and more effective results. That way, your “problem areas” are no longer problems, but progress!

#4 Increase Your Cardio
Strength training also counts as a cardio workout. Get two in one without wearing yourself out on the treadmill or hurting your knees on the pavement. When you do various strengthening exercises on different parts of the body, it builds muscle, pumps your heart, and burns more calories because you aren’t doing the same thing every time.

#5 Stop The Signs Of Aging
Strength training works both your inner and outer body. Research from Duke University shows that strength training keeps muscle mass intact while naturally slowing the aging process. Since strength training increases your metabolism, which usually declines with age, you’re winning in more ways than one!

#6 Get Stronger
The American College of Sports Medicine found that building muscle strength enables you to become more resistant to injury, and building bone strength helps you become resistant to osteoporosis. You will be able to lift more, but you will also be stronger in regards to your health. You might even be able to naturally fight off the common cold – you can’t beat that!

#7 Weight Management
Strength training consistently can help maintain body weight, which also reduces your risk of becoming obese or becoming diabetic. This may help your live a longer and healthier life.

Next time you visit the gym, get familiar with the strength training area. Don’t be afraid to try out different things. Dumbbells or strength racks would be a good start, but the possibilities are endless. Join a gym class to find out different tips and tricks. You can also strength train at home. Read books or watch how-to videos to get the inside scoop. Find out what works for you. Although it looks like it’s hard, strength training is really something for everyone to enjoy and build upon. Find out what you’ve been missing. Start strength training today!

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