6 Facts About Cutting Carbs

What is the best diet for optimal health? For most people, anything in moderation is usually touted as a good foundation. But what if the food pyramid isn’t ideal for you? What if you could feel better by eliminating something from your diet, and you don’t even know it? Cutting carbs from your diet has been a popular trend in recent years in an effort to lose weight, but are there more benefits than just dropping a few pounds? Read on to find out the facts about cutting carbs to help decide if it would benefit you.

Cutting Carbs
Burn Fat: As soon as you cut calorie-dense carbs, you’re greatly reducing the number of calories you consume in a day. Doing so makes your body burn fat stored around your midsection for energy, rather than burning the sugars it would normally get from the carbohydrates.

Feel Less Hungry: Many people think that consuming more calories from foods like carbs makes you less hungry. The truth is that food with a lot of nutrients, like fiber, protein and healthy fats are the foods that fill us up. All refined carbs do is provide us fast, cheap calories, so no matter how much you eat, your body will continue to feel hungry. Instead of choosing a bagel for breakfast, consider Greek yogurt or eggs scrambled with veggies.

Flatten Your Belly: Replacing carbs with fiber will flatten your belly within days. Currently, most American only get about half the amount of daily fiber they need, so our bodies end up enlisting unhealthy microbes (those which feast on the sugar from the carbs we eat), which causes bloating and makes your belly look bigger than it actually is.

Reduce Your Risk For Diabetes: Eating too many simple sugars (which simple carbs are loaded with) causes your pancreas to produce more insulin. This eventually leads to insulin resistance and puts you more in danger for developing type 2 diabetes. Instead, focus on eating fiber-rich foods. They take a longer time to digest, which allows your body to avoid spikes in blood sugar.

Fuel Your Muscles: Simple carbohydrate foods are some of the worst choices to eat, since they provide little nutritional value and no protein. Even burgers and ice cream are better choices than simple carbs because they at least provide the building blocks your body needs to grow. By making healthy choices that are protein packed, your muscles will get stronger and you’ll notice a difference in your hair, nails, and skin.

Feel Energized: Simple carbs causes your energy level to fluctuate, swinging between highs and lows. Choosing fruits, vegetables, and even whole grains provides your body with a steady flow of energy, allowing you to avoid the quick fix foods that leave you dragging in the afternoon.

Instead of focusing on what you can lose, think about what you can gain by cutting carbs. By educating yourself on the type of carbs you eat and defeating the carb addiction, you will start to make better choices for your overall health. Simple and refined carbohydrates can lead to health issues and weight gain. Limiting your carbs and choosing whole grains can make a world of difference when it comes to energy levels and weight loss. Try it and find out what cutting carbs can do for you!

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