5 Ways To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

The coming fall and winter brings a happy holiday season. As we celebrate with our family and friends, we should keep a balance of enjoying traditions while making healthy choices. With presents to buy and parties to attend, how can you avoid winter weight gain? It’s easy! Find out how to balance the holiday season with these healthy tips.


Winter Weight Gain
The holidays tend to bring on more pounds because we are eating more food, drink, and desserts than average. Workout routines and regular diets start to diminish due to colder weather, shorter days, and busier schedules. Also, it is the body’s primal instinct to gain more weight to stay “warm” when the temperature drops outside. Here’s how you can have your cake and eat it too!

1. Stay Maintained
Most people gain around five pounds each year during the holiday season. Try to maintain your current weight — no more, no less. Allow yourself small “cheat” snacks so you don’t overindulge later on. Don’t worry or focus about losing weight; just keep it around the general area that you are currently at.

2. Smart Splurging
• Eat right. Stick to basic dishes with fruits, vegetables, and lean meats whenever possible. Easily shave off calories by limiting add-ons like extra nuts, cheese, creams, gravy, butter, and whipped cream. Eat simple, light desserts like chocolate dipped strawberries or pumpkin pie.
• Control your portions. Keep your portions small and always put appetizers on a plate so you can see what you eat. Make healthy choices and keep track of what you consume, including drinks. Stick to light, refreshing, and satisfying appetizers such as shrimp cocktails, veggies with dip, or fresh fruit.
• Eat a healthy snack before the big meal. This prevents overeating, and gives you a chance to load up on well-rounded nutrients, like lean meats for protein, fiber from fruits, and whole grains to keep you fuller longer. It will keep you from filling up on carbs and sugars later. Try a salad, vegetable soup, or cheese and crackers.

3. Don’t Forget Fitness
Make time in your day to keep moving! Too cold to go outside? Try stretching, yoga, or pop in a workout DVD. Even the little things count. Exercise is also a great way to de-stress during the holiday hustle and bustle. Walk whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park farther away from entrances.

4. Bring a Nutritious Dish
Get inspired and become a good influence in the process! Bring your favorite healthy dish to share with the rest of the party. That way, you will make sure you’re eating at least a little something healthy. Who knows, it could be the start of a new food tradition. Try new vegetable dishes or healthy desserts to start.

5. Host a Healthy Party
Respect tradition while adding in some modern flare. Cook up some newer, healthier dishes that your friends and family can enjoy. You can incorporate special requests to accommodate people who are vegan, vegetarian, or lactose intolerant. Although you can’t please everyone, stick to a variety of foods that can suit everyone’s needs and cravings.

Keep eating your favorite holiday foods without gaining holiday weight. Take a little planning, mix with some patience and see how you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite festive foods to stay in shape. Make smart choices, eat small portions, and stay moving! Enjoy!

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