5 Reasons Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

With the holiday of love lingering just around the corner, it’s hard not to think about all of those warm and cuddly things that people in love tend to spend time doing. While it’s definitely fun to snuggle and cuddle with the person you care about most, there may be more reasons than you originally thought to take your passion to the bedroom this Valentine’s Day.

Sex Is Good For Your Health

While it may be an unspoken holiday benefit, this year you can feel even more fantastic about your romantic encounter knowing that there are a number of health benefits tied to being intimate with your partner. From mental to physical and emotional, sex has a way of making people a healthier version of themselves.

Sex keeps you closer to your partner.

Intimacy inevitably works to create a physical and emotional bond between you and your partner. While this definitely results in a more secure and emotional link, there’s also some chemistry behind these feelings. Hormones that are released during sex will work to make you and your partner feel happy and ultimately, more connected. It makes sense then that the more frequently these hormones are given the opportunity to be active, the closer you and your partner are going to feel.

There is definitely exercise involved.

While it’s not recommended to entirely ditch the gym in pursuit of a health plan based on physical intimacy, sex does count as a physical activity that’s good for the body and mind. At its most basic, sex requires the use of a number of muscles in the body, and also results in an increased heart rate. Both of these factors combined are going to add up to a healthy situation that might even burn a couple of calories while you’re at it.

Sex has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Some physicians have noticed that those who have sex regularly tend to have lower blood pressure overall. Linked to the benefits of participating in physical activity, lowered blood pressure may also be the result of hormones. Those hormones that are released during sex that make you feel fantastic, may also be contributing to a more balanced and lowered blood pressure situation for you and your partner.

Sex is mentally motivating.

For those who struggle with low libido, it has been shown that having more sex can actually increase your entire sex drive. As they say, practice makes perfect, and as you continue to spend intimate time with your partner, you’ll soon find you may crave that time more frequently! When you and your partner are on the same page in this department, an increased libido can work wonders in your relationship.

Sex distracts from worries.

Sex can give your mind an outlet from daily worries, and keep you focused on something and someone more positive. Similarly, it gives you the sensation of true partnership and togetherness. Participating in an activity that’s good for your body, mind and emotional state is going to give you a brighter outlook on life and make you more likely to face obstacles with courage and strength!
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