4 Ways To Have A Healthier New Year And A Less Hectic Life

2015 offers up endless opportunities for self-improvement. With a new year comes new motivation and energy that can be put to amazing use with the right strategies in mind. With so much potential waiting, why not start thinking about those healthy changes now as you work your way to the best version of yourself possible!


One of the most efficient ways to go about achieving personal improvement is to set achievable goals. Far too often, our New Year’s resolutions swing between extremes, falling everywhere from being best friends with everyone at work to never eating sugar ever again in our entire lives. While these resolutions might be entertaining, they’re most likely not feasible. To keep you from going crazy in the New Year with impossible tasks and keep that motivation high, here are a few simple steps to keep in mind.

Try addition instead of subtraction.

Eating well is a great step towards your overall health, but most people make the mistake of setting goals that exclusively eliminate all the foods they love. This year, try health from a positive perspective and instead of subtracting your passion for food, increase the good stuff. Instead of saying you’ll never eat donuts, tell yourself to add a helping of vegetables daily. This makes the goal less painful, and the results are more likely to turn in your favor when you haven’t set out to punish, but help yourself instead.

Exercise in tandem.

Exercising more this year is a fantastic goal, but much like everything in life — who wants to do it all alone? Find a buddy to work out with and watch your results soar! Even if you spend your time complaining about how much it hurts together, you’ll be actively working towards a healthier you, and you’ll have someone to suffer alongside, making it that much easier!

Keep track of your sanity with a shared calendar.

This year, try to maximize on calm and collectivity by incorporating a shared calendar into your life. Easily accessible on platforms like Google, a shared electronic calendar not only keeps your crazy life on track, but it keeps those who need to know where you are and what you’re doing in the loop as well. Cutting down on questioning phone calls or overbooked events, a shared calendar could be the key to keeping your sanity intact in 2015.

Keep the anticipation high.

Just as important as staying physically healthy this year is your effort to maintain emotional health.  At the very start of the year, take some time to plan out a small trip that will give you something to really look forward to in the months to come. Having a light at the end of the tunnel plan will keep you motivated to keep up with your goals, while really giving you something to strive for. Think of it as a well-deserved treat for the success you’re bound to achieve in 2015!

Taking the time to keep mind, body and spirit in line this year is a sure way to a better you. Don’t be afraid to shake it up when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions — often times a little variety goes a long way towards a healthier, less hectic lifestyle.

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