4 Tips To Save Your Skin From Sun Damage

Just a couple of years ago, a tan was commonly referred to as a “healthy” glow. But with the growing cases of skin cancer, we now know that tanned skin is damaged skin. In fact, any amount of extended time in the sun can cause early wrinkles and sunspots on skin. And if you’ve ever burned and your skin has blistered, the dangerous effects from sun exposure are even worse. The good news is that our knowledge of skin care is expanding. And since sun damage accumulates over time, it’s never too late to start protecting your skin from the sun. Follow these four easy tips to save your skin from sun damage.

Sun Damage

#1 Avoid peak sun hours: This tip sounds simple — and it can be if you make a small effort and educate yourself! UV rays are strongest between 10AM and 3PM. If you have to be outside during these hours, find shade under a leafy tree, or provide your own with a tent or umbrella. A good rule of thumb for when you are out and about, especially this spring and summer, is to check your shadow. If it’s very short, it’s not the best time to be outside. Try to plan outdoor activities for non-peak hours to up your sun protection.

#2 Wear sunscreen: Wearing sunscreen should be like putting on underwear — do it everyday! The first step after you wash and dry your face, or shower in the morning, should be to apply sunscreen. Making this a part of your morning routine will soon form one of the best habits for your health, especially since 80% of your sun exposure is incidental — which means it’s not happening while you are lying on the beach. And with the growing amount of sun protection products, there is a right sunscreen for every skin type and every skin need. Just make sure that it’s an SPF of 15 or higher. However, no sunscreen is perfectly sweat proof, waterproof, or rub proof, and none should be treated that way. Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours, possibly more if you are swimming, sweating or drying your skin with a towel.

#3 Wear protective clothing: Hold your shirt up to the light. If light is coming through, that’s the same affect the sun has when you wear that shirt outside in the sun. And if your clothing gets wet, any sun protection drops by half. If you need to be outside during the peak sun hours, consider investing in UPF protected or tightly woven clothing. The color also matters; dark clothing has a higher UPF than a lighter one. We also need to protect the skin around our eyes because it is one of the first to show aging. Sunglasses, especially with larger lenses or frames, can protect this delicate skin. A hat is also a great item in the defense against sun damage. It can protect the skin on your face, ears, and neck from the sun if the brim is 2 to 3 inches all around.

#4 Try Polypodium Leucotomos: Polypodium Leucotomos extract comes from a tropical fern plant grown in Central and South America, and has been used for centuries for the treatment of inflammatory disorders and skin diseases. And recent studies suggest that Polypodium Leucotomos may significantly reduce sunburn severity, helping to prevent skin aging and decreasing the risk of cancer from UV radiation. This natural, antioxidant rich formula is available from Pure Edge Nutrition and is safe for daily use.

To avoid the leathery look, commit to wearing sunscreen daily and protect yourself with these tips. They can help save your skin from further sun damage, and possibly even reverse it!

If you do get a sunburn, don’t freak out! Simply apply 90% aloe vera gel or juice that is squeezed directly from the plant. This will soothe your skin and is also an anti-inflammatory, which may prevent the burn from deepening. Then try these four simple and effective tips to start saving your skin from future sun damage.

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