Girl Power: Easy Ways to Sneak Health and Wellness Into Your Daily Grind

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Women are busy individuals. Whether you are balancing work, family, school, or a combination of the three, your plate always seems to stay full. A packed schedule and laundry list of responsibilities don’t make for a lot of time to focus on your overall wellness, but there are several simple ways you can sneak some health into your daily grind.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is another way your body gets the fuel it needs to power through those busy days. No matter how busy you are, do your best to get on a sleep schedule. Start by honing in on your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, known as your circadian rhythm. Find a bedtime that works for you but also allows you to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night. If the bedtime you choose is earlier than you’ve been going to bed, slowly ease into it by going to bed 15 minutes earlier until you reach your desired time. Also, make sure your bedroom is set up for optimal sleep by blocking out light, turning the air down to stay cool, and using a sound machine to relax and block out noise. Keep tabs on any pain or discomfort you feel as you try to fall asleep, as it might be time to replace your pillows. There are plenty of options (memory foam, latex, down, etc.) to meet your preferences such as firmness, filling, and ventilation, so shop around online. If it’s been a while since you purchased a new mattress (say, more than five years), now might be the time to replace it as well.

Prep for the Week

We tend to tell ourselves that we are going to try to eat better this week, but when you are in a rush, you opt for the convenience of fast food rather than a nutritious home-cooked meal. To stay on track, use a portion of Sunday to meal prep. Make it less of a headache by creating a grocery list that is sorted by aisles so you don’t waste hours in the store or become tempted to stray from the list. Stock up on fruits, veggies, and protein that you can cut/prepare and freeze. Search for recipes online; there are plenty of nutritious and delicious recipes, including protein bowls, salad jars, and smoothie bags. You can also prepare portion-controlled snacks for the week. These can come in handy when your stomach starts rumbling mid-afternoon, and it can help fight the urge to hit the vending machine for a quick and easy fix.

Fuel Your Body

Eating right requires that you fuel your body, but empty calories are lurking everywhere – even in foods that seem healthy such as fruit juice. What are empty calories? According to Healthline, “When it comes to food, empty means that that food contains little or no essential vitamins or minerals,” so essentially these calories offer no nutritional value. It can be hard to put down the ice cream, but try to reach for foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, legumes, and low-fat dairy. If you aren’t sure just how many calories you are consuming and whether you are meeting your daily nutritional goals, download a calorie-counting app such as MyFitnessPal to see a visual representation of your eating habits so that you can make adjustments if needed.

Squeeze in Exercise

You already know how important exercise is, but squeezing it into a busy schedule makes it easier said than done. Try to schedule workout days into your week, whether it is a quick gym session or a walk around the neighborhood. Sneak exercise into your day too by taking the stairs whenever possible, parking in the back of the lot, and making use of every possible moment to get some steps in such as while on the phone, on your lunch break, or between commercials when you are catching up on your favorite show. Also, you can pick up some affordable exercise equipment to help create a small, personal home gym. If it helps, think of exercise as an important meeting that you have to keep.

Life stays busy, but that’s not a reason to let your health fall by the wayside. Find ways to incorporate wellness into your busy schedule. It might take some getting used to, but your body will thank you for it in the long run.

6 Key Metrics of Social Media Marketing

Social media is most certainly a result-providing medium, however it can also consume big chunks of brands’ time and stray their focus away from what matters most.

Plenty of marketers constantly keep an eye on their Facebook followers, engagement on different social media platform and obsess over all sorts of graphs in the insight section, which in itself makes them forget about many important things.

Make sure to have the following in mind when time managing the efforts of your brand because it will certainly impact your effectiveness as a whole with the following social media marketing metrics:

  1. Community Growth

Track your growth monthly and do not obsess over it. Even though growth is important, it is certainly not crucial. Basically, the more social followers you have, the reach grows as well. Enlarging your social base and the community of your brand can assist you in getting your products out there and even conquer ads in effectiveness. Social evidence is also something you want to have in mind because growing social following shows dominance and portrays your brand as favorable. It is worth mentioning that any account with 10,000 followers or above can put links to their stories, which is a major advantage for the brands to market the new product and to get Instagram followers.

Additionally, be aware not to buy followers. People can see through that and you can come across desperate and untrustworthy very quickly. Go slow and steady and enjoy the ride of growth.

  1. Reach

What is the length to which what you are offering goes? What is the true reach of your products? These are questions every social media marketer has on his/her mind at all times. However, did you know that reach is something that spans from how far your posts go, to the amount of people that have just scanned your post briefly? The metric as it is, is not concise and definite in regards to anything.

With that being said, a marketer must ask himself how important reach truly is? It isn’t worth obsessing over it because it is a hybrid of a metric, but nevertheless worth checking once in a while because it might show potential engagement.

  1. Engagement

Speaking of the importance of engagement, it is something that can be defined as the amount of involvement, connection and impact of individuals on the brand. Or said simpler, social media engagement counts the amount of likes, comments and shares on your social media posts.

There is more than one reason that engagement should be your number one focus if you are a smart marketer. Namely, it can provide you with signs of potential progress you can achieve and be of use in your beforehand analysis. For instance, if your Facebook has a vast reach with almost no engagement, that’s not a good sign due to the fact it shows, your content hasn’t been impactful for your followers.

  1. Lead growth

Even though this meta analysis– among which amount of social followers or mentions — can be a relevant sign of the wholesome brand awareness, it gives almost no information about your chances to get specific leads to your page.

Rather than that, take advantage of an attribution program is to point to you whether your social media ads are leading you towards growth. For instance, a program such as Marketo or Convertro will tell you with precision how many social interactions, page clicks or email reads it takes prior to anyone becoming a loyal customer.

This kind of program might even go to the point of precision such as the amount of impact of each action so that you can know what sort of importance every interaction had in the outcome. This data will not merely tell you if your social campaigns are doing okay, it’ll lead you to improving the allocation of your time and marketing energy.

  1. Website visits

Even though the sum amount of reach from Twitter and Facebook are not as much as those from an organic Google search, the Return Visit percentage shows these platforms’ valuable role for your products.

Valuable tools such as Google Analytics give you the opportunity to track website referral traffic from social media, know what percentage of all-around referrals derive from social media, and combine the amount of presence by your visitors. Namely, Visitor Frequency Rate connects views from new and old visitors, two really important groups whose behaviors are truly important for true growth.

  1. Conversion

After getting all of these things done, marketers should continue thinking about how to convert the viewers they have worked so much to attract into loyal customers. The time has come when brands that unnaturally push their product surely lose their costumers rapidly.

Comparing Assisted Social Conversions with Last Click (Direct) Conversions additionally identifies which social networks are doing more for you at bringing your desirable customers, and which ones are the most likely to purchase from you. This tool can do this by conversion goals on Google Analytics. Through this you are able to follow visitors brought via social channels and follow their conversions constantly.