How to Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Congratulations on your success in losing weight! Because if you have landed up here you might have gone the extra mile to shed those pounds and fit your body into your old clothes which you owned when you had a leaner figure. Losing weight is, sometimes, an easy process, though longer, than maintaining your weight at the ideal figure. Maintaining your weight needs you to keep a check on your food intake and practice an active lifestyle. However, I am listing some of the basic things which can help you maintain your body weight without investing too many efforts.

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Fitness Inspirational Quotes to Push Your Way into the Gym


Fitness is almost on everyone’s list when it comes to health. Many of us have the desire to get that perfect body or to lose the extra fat on the butt. Yet, nothing deters us from pushing the snooze button when the alarm rings in the morning. We all want that extra sleep, that extra time on the couch, and that extra time watching TV. What’s common here is the lack of self-determination and motivation to hit the gym during early hours of morning or the hours when we truly have the time. All we have is an excuse. ‘Probably, my body needs rest today’, ‘I didn’t sleep well last night’, ‘I was up till late night yesterday’ (perhaps watching TV or engaging with friends on social media) – the list is endless. However, the truth is excuses don’t burn calories but working out does.

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Top Weight loss Myths Busted


Weight loss tops the list when we have a look at people’s New Year resolutions. Almost everyone is not happy with their body. This fad of eating out, having heavy meals, eating empty calories through junk food, has increased the percentage of people suffering from obesity. Obesity leads to a number of problems including inconvenience in carrying out daily tasks, lack of flexibility, invitation to number of body pains due to increased exertion, lack of energy, and many more. The problems faced by overweight and obese people urge them to look for weight loss solutions which work as fast as possible. In this race to lose weight, they often fall into trap of fast dieting and a number of other things which promise us weight loss but actually can cause more damage than good.

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