Top-10 Guide to the Best (and Worst) Seafood

You love seafood, but which fish is the right fish? Not all fish is created equal, and looks can be deceiving. Get your omega-3s the safe way by following these guidelines for safe and effective consumption. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that support the heart, cholesterol levels, and neurological, immune, and joint support systems, on the inside. On the outside, they greatly benefit your skin, hair, and nails.


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Spice Up Your Life With Turmeric

While it may seem slightly counter-intuitive at first glance, sometimes the best methods for moving forward when it comes to your health is to look straight back at tradition. Between the fads and crash diets that surround us, lies the truth in nutritional longevity. There are some natural products that people have been using for hundreds of years, and their benefits are undeniable. Turmeric is one of those great, timeless spices that has long been used in India and China, and has recently made its way to the top of the US list of delicious, nutritious and even medicinal spices on the market. Easy to find and easier to incorporate into your diet, turmeric adds a spice to your everyday life that’s hard to beat!

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Make Room For Fitness: 5 Of The Best Workouts For Small Spaces

Do April showers have you stuck inside? That’s no excuse not to get up and get moving! It’s easy to look around and find a million reasons not to exercise, but take a look at these five space-saving workouts that will have you rethinking your poor decisions. Whether you are sick of the gym experience and prefer to workout at home, or simply live in a small apartment or dormitory, there’s a space-saving solution that can help keep your workout routine on track. Or perhaps you’re a frequent traveler who spends a significant amount of time in hotel rooms or a professional who just want to keep your physique toned while at the office, there is an answer out there that fits your square footage restrictions. Don’t give up — read on!

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