Healthy Benefits of Hot Cocoa

Nothing warms you up like a mug of hot cocoa on a cold day. And it’s not just for kids! Cocoa has been used as a folk medicine for thousands of years, and with good reason! Recent studies have shown cocoa consumption is associated with lower blood pressure, improved blood vessel health, improvement in cholesterol levels, decreased risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes and more! The health benefits go on and on. Find out why hot cocoa is even richer than you thought.

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Introducing the New and Improved Insane Amp’d!

It’s back! The new and improved Insane Amp’d formula from Pure Edge Nutrition is here! This advanced supplement is complete with its special ingredient – bee pollen. But Insane Amp’d is now better than ever, to get you started on a natural healthy weight loss track that will leave you feeling and looking great. Exclusively from Pure Edge Nutrition, this fat burner is an “all-in-one” home run! Its thermogenic properties can boost your metabolism, burn fat, curb your sugar cravings, keep you energized, and release toxins from your body.

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5 Practical Tips To Control Portion Sizes

It’s a well-known feeling. You tell yourself you want to eat a well-balanced diet, but then you see that sign for the best burger in the world and before you know it, you’ve downed double what you ever intended. Eating healthy portions of anything these days isn’t an easy undertaking. Advertisements promote the “more is more” theory when it comes to food, and restaurants happily serve up enough to feed a small nation.

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