6 Diet Foods That Do More Than Good

When opting for healthier alternatives to your favorite foods, be sure to avoid misleading titles such as reduced fat, low fat, and fat-free. If they seem too good to be true, they most likely are! Marketing is dangerously misleading. These foods may have a pinch less fat, but contain extremely high amounts of sugar, cholesterol, and sodium compared to their regular or traditional counterparts. Even worse, these fat-free fillers can cause more damage than good. Read below to find out the top diet foods you should stay away from for good!

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5 Surprising Sugary Drinks To Avoid

There is sugar all around us, but sometimes the worst kinds are hidden in plain sight. Sadly, sugar is sometimes packed into our favorite drinks, even those that are labeled as healthy, organic, low-fat, and non-fat. Although we have been accustomed to these drinks, they put us at risk of serious health issues, and unnecessary calories and carbohydrates. Seriously consider the consequences of sugar before taking that next gulp. Find out the biggest sugar culprits and why not to drink them again!

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